10 thoughts on “When my girlfriend plays country music in the car, I always think of this.

  1. To be fair, they sing about much more than trucks. They also sing about tractors

  2. Well I’ll be darned tootin’

  3. Trucks in one ear and nothing out of the other. Trucks get stuck in your head because trucks are fucking awesome.

  4. You forgot America

  5. As a resident of North Carolina, I feel you, OP.

  6. yessssssssssssssss it lives on

  7. When my girlfriend plays country in the car, I ask her who the fuck she is because I don’t have a girlfriend.

  8. Text being covered by the brim of the hat and the guy’s shoulder is a nice touch.

  9. Friend once told me “Somethin’ ’bout a truck” was his new favorite song. Didn’t believe it was real.

  10. As someone who enjoys country music, this is pretty accurate.

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