18 thoughts on “Together in the Grid (analog collage)

  1. The “Future” Jetson’s.

  2. TRON!

  3. Tron got fabulous

  4. “Yes” – Bit

  5. That’s a cover to a math book if i’ve ever seen one.

  6. analog? what the fuck does that even mean?

  7. I hold your family in the palm of my hand, Dave.

  8. Those kids look way too young to be in collage.

  9. Whaaaa

  10. ..not.. digital.. uh, something?

  11. My guess would be non-digital, but I’m not really sure it pertains to this situation.

  12. I feel like there should be a cat in this image

  13. Ah yes makes perfect sense.


  15. It might be the marijuana, but I REALLY like this.

  16. If I am not mistaken, dudes on skateboards are the covers to maths books. Or Nic Cage,

  17. Ok, I get it guys. This is the family on a wireframe hand in a trippy balls psychedelic space grid…thing.

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