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‘Tumblr the Musical’: Coming to a Dashboard Near You

'Tumblr the Musical': Coming to a Dashboard Near You


What happens when high school theater kids grow up and get hooked on the addictive street drug known as the interwebz? Answer: YouTube videos like this one.

“Tumblr: The Musical” turns the art of Tumbln’ into a catchy tune, complete Internet meme references, web culture jokes and a cameo from Hipster Ariel.

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9-Year-Old Skateboarder Successfully Lands a 540 After 75 Tries

9-Year-Old Skateboarder Successfully Lands a 540 After 75 Tries

Watch out, Tony Hawk. This kid is shredding her way to the top.

At age 9, most young skateboarders are just learning to ollie, happy to successfully jump their boards a few inches.

Sabre Norris from New South Wales, Australia, can’t ride a bike, but has already tackled the halfpipe and landed her first 540. The trick requires the rider launch off a ramp, spin with the board one-and-a-half turns and successfully land back on the ramp.

skatebaord small

Video: YouTube, The Berrics

The video shows a few failed landings, but after 75 attempts that day, Norris finally landed the 540, according to The Berrics.

Her reaction to landing the trick is just as good as the feat itself.

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Logan Morrison Vs. Praying Mantis (Video)

Logan Morrison attacked by a Praying MantisLogan Morrison attacked by a Praying Mantis

Florida Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison was attacked by a praying mantis at last night’s game against the Washington Nationals.

The praying mantis jumped on Morrison who freaked out and started dancing around trying to shake it off, much to the delight of the announcers and his teammates.

Shortly after that, Morrison posted the following on Twitter before inserting a link to the video: “LoMo fears no man. Bugs on the other hand …”

Watch the praying mantis scare the bejesus out of Morrison in the video below:

via Deadspin

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How to Turn a Men’s Shirt into a Dress (Video)

How to Turn Men's Shirt into DressHow to Turn Men's Shirt into Dress

Ira Zvidrina shows you how to convert an ordinary men’s shirt into a dress. Ira wears the shirt in several different variations and turns it into skirts, blouses, dresses and anything else you can think of… Autobots, transform!

Thanks for the tip, Natalya!

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Sloth Playing Imaginary Piano Wins the Internet Today

Sloth Playing Imaginary Piano Wins the Internet Today

We’ve just discovered the Elton John of the sloth world. Well, at least he is in his own mind.

This slow-moving furball from the Sloth Sanctuary in Monteverde, Costa Rica, plays a mean imaginary piano. YouTube user shmee40 set the footage of Slothton John tickling the make-believe ivories to the snappy tune “Old Piano Roll Blues” to achieve a maximum cuteness level.

Go ahead and try to find something more adorable on the Internet today.

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This Little Girl’s Sassy ‘Single Ladies’ Dance Should Be Queen Bey Approved (Video)

This Little Girl's Sassy 'Single Ladies' Dance Should Be Queen Bey Approved (Video)

Once upon a time, the Single Ladies dance was as ubiquitous as a Drake meme.

Single ladies everywhere got dolled up, went out, and broke it down to Beyoncs hit song, an anthem no, the anthem for the woman who flew solo and loved every minute of it.

This little single lady may have missed the boat the first time around, but that wont stop her from busting out her best Bey moves now.

In the video above, a tireless toddler, whom Ill call Baby Bey, breaks it down to Single Ladies like the carefree, independent woman (okay, girl) that she is.

Wearing her mothers heels and a stellar striped onesie, Baby Beyshakes her baby booty along to the song, copying Beyoncs moves and clearly having the time of her life.

Since its posting on October 29, the awesome home video has been watched over 10 million times.

The dance moves, the energy, the international fame this tinydancer might give Queen B a run for her money.

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