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‘Friends with benefits’: Celeb tools renew O-care push on Valentine’s Day

‘Friends with benefits': Celeb tools renew O-care push on Valentine’s Day!/rosariodawson/status/434397956855578628

No, Rosario Dawson. Let’s not be friends with benefits.

Celeb Obamacare pushers are out in full force urging Americans to #GetCovered today. Seriously, guys, if Valentine’s Day makes you think about “health care,” you might be choosing the wrong “friends with benefits.”!/EvaLongoria/status/434378880213078016!/aishatyler/status/434363078873186304

You have insurance NOW right?
#GetCovered— Sarah Silverman (@SarahKSilverman) February 14, 2014!/mindykaling/status/434397099183341570!/LanceBass/status/434401881108914176!/LanceGross/status/434431300988977152!/ericcolsen/status/434455133032689664!/iamtikasumpter/status/434463498182344704!/TorreyJDeVitto/status/434467709217415169!/JanelleMonae/status/434490225549905921!/katewalsh/status/434490990175346688!/ninadobrev/status/434512675411099649!/JaredLeto/status/434472216571699200

Jared Leto has not retweeted any receipts.

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You Can Literally Make Food Porn With These Sex Position Cookie Cutters

You Can Literally Make Food Porn With These Sex Position Cookie Cutters

Legit, this is an Etsy listing for four cookie cutters in the shapes of people f*cking.

If you ever thought cookies were great but wished there was a way for you to pop a sweet, sweet bone-a-rooni while chowing down on some snickerdoodles, this is the product you’ve been waiting your entire life for.

I, honestly, have nothing else to say.Etsy is full of useless crap, but this cookie-cutter set may be the coolest piece of useless crap on there.

You want shtupping cookies? Boom. Etsy helps you make shtupping cookies.

Just know, if you want to buy funzHome’s oooOOHHHHHOoooOOHHOoooo outlines, there are some pretty obvious rules you need to follow.The posting said,

– Please wash it before use.
– Be careful when washing or using it…
– Please keep it clean and dry after use.
– Scrubber and polishing material may cause scratches.
– Do not leave where children can reach.

Got it? Not that these things really needed to be said, but you need to keep this setclean, and you shouldn’t leave these genital-smashing tools where children can touch them.

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These Adorable Coloring Pages Will Make You Want To Stay In This Valentine’s Day

These Adorable Coloring Pages Will Make You Want To Stay In This Valentine's Day

Let’s face it, 2016 is the year of the coloring book.

Since Valentine’s Dayis an annual excuse to unabashedly embraceour ultra girly side, we’re totally OK with the trend.We’re passing alongthree downloads of our favorite pages from Brit + Co’s “Pattern Play,” the first-ever crowdsourced coloring book for grownups. Each page isillustratedby Marisa Kumtong, our resident design genius and girly girl.

Scroll on for the links!

Go ahead, break out the candyheartsand colored pencils.

Who needs a Valentine when you can throw on some PJs and get creative?

This V-day, color your makeup instead of putting it on your face. Download the page here.

Who needs to waste time drunk texting when there are adorable flip phones to color? Download the page here.

Have your cake and color it, too. Download the page here.

We want to see your beautiful coloring pages! Share the finished result with us onInstagramusing the hashtag #Iamcreative.

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34 Punny Valentines Perfect For Any Classroom

34 Punny Valentines Perfect For Any Classroom

Their class will be rolling in the aisles.

1. Who could refuse an offer to be someone’s “Valen-slime”?

Get the printable and learn how to make the slime at Stitch/Craft.

2. I think it’s safe to say that “a hole lot” of people would be happy to receive these valentines.

Find out how to make them at Hands On As We Grow.

3. This printable + some rock candy = a rockin’ valentine.

Get the PDF (and more information) at Love the Day.

4. You can never go wrong with Play-Doh.

Find out how to make these malleable valentines over at The Nerd’s Wife.

5. There’s no one “whoo” wouldn’t want to be this cute owl’s valentine.

Download the printable and learn how to make these lovely birds at Lisa Storms’ blog.

6. “Beep boop beep” = the sound of these robots telling you to make them.

Learn how to make these valentines at Craftiness Is Not Optional.

7. These are “nacho” average valentines.

Get the instructions for these cards by Larissa of Just Another Day in Paradise at Skip to My Lou.

8. These are sweet *and* a challenge.

Learn how to make them at Cutesy Crafts.

9. A shakeable valentine that sparkles? Wow… These are amazingly cool.

Learn how to make these sensory bottles at Two Daloo.

10. A craft project for you and your child (making the crayons and the cards) along with your child’s classmates (coloring in the card itself): Hurray for art!

Learn how to make the crayons and the card at MollyMooCrafts.

11. “I Need S’more Friends Like You!”

Don’t we all? Learn how to make these delicious valentines at Domesticated Lady.

12. Valentines that glow.

If their teacher agrees to turn off the lights, they could have a classroom dance party!

Instructions at eighteen25.

13. Your kid will have the most “TOAD-ally awesome” cards in the class.

Find out how to make these amphibian-approved cards at Crap I’ve Made.

14. This free printable card is the sweetest (“accordion” to anyone).

Get the PDF (by illustrator Denise Holmes) at Happy Happy Art Collective.

15. Don’t want the card to be so large? Do a bunch of acorn hands on one huge sheet of paper and then cut out each nut. You could write the “nuts about you!” message on the back of each acorn.

More info at Crafty Morning.

16. This card is cheesy and easy (to make).

Bonus: Everyone will have an extra snack for lunch.

More info at Bless This Mess.

17. The perfect option for an older child who still wants to bring in Valentine’s Day cards.

Get the printables at Seven Thirty Three.

18. A valentine that will supervise all homework production.

Find the instructions over at The 36th Avenue.

19. A valentine (and a snack) to be wild about.

For more info (and the printable) visit The Girl Creative.

20. Does your daughter love fairies? These are the valentines for her.

Get the free printable for your fairy fan at the Fantastic Fun and Learning blog ASAP.

21. Let these “worm” their way into your heart.

More info at Infarrantly Creative.

22. A “beary” sweet valentine.

Get the instructions at Queen Bee Coupons.

23. Kids will have a “gooed” time playing with this slime.

Find out how to make it at The Gunny Sack.

24. Have a son or daughter that loves creating loom bands? Put them to work and make these valentines.

Full instructions (plus the printable) at The Crafted Sparrow.

25. “Stick” these valentines in their backpack and send ‘em off to school.

Get more information at the Armelle Blog.

26. Let your son or daughter show their classmates that they’re happy “to be in the same school.”

Learn how to make this scrumptious Valentine at I Heart Naptime.

27. This free printable will be a “lifesaver” if you’re short on time.

Get the full instructions at Makely.

28. Kids having fun > adult eardrums.

Get the instructions at U Create.

29. You should “pix” these valentines if your child is allowed to bring candy to school.

Learn how to make them at Smart School House.

30. “Ewe” will melt at the cuteness of this card.

Learn how to make it at My Kids Make.

31. “Chews” this valentine when you have kids old enough to safely chew bubblegum.

Find out how to make the cards at Crazy Little Projects.

32. These cards come with friendship bracelets featuring the “heart” knot.

Head on over to Heart & Sew to learn how to make the bracelet and card.

33. A valentine you squeeze (that you can make with ease).

Find the whole tutorial at Funky Polkadot Giraffe.

34. This valentine comes with a toy to use in the sandbox during recess.

Learn how to make the card at Thirty Handmade Days.

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