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23 Surprising Pickup Lines That Actually Worked

23 Surprising Pickup Lines That Actually Worked

Time to step up your game.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what pickup line has actually worked for them. Here are the amazing results.

1. “What are your thoughts on pasta puns? Do you think they’re saucy or do you think that they lack a bit of meat?”

“My current boyfriend and I met on Tinder, and his first message to me was, ‘Hey quick question for you. What are your thoughts on pasta puns? Do you think they’re saucy or do you think that they lack a bit of meat?’ We ended up conversing only in pasta puns for about an hour. We’ve been dating for 6 months now, so there’s your successful Tinder story!”

Submitted by samk61.

2. “‘If I were to ask you on a date, would the answer be the same as the answer to this question?”

“She got mad and then said yes lol.”

Submitted by ethanw4cf274083.

3. “Did you know that the force of gravity on Jupiter is so strong that if we were able to stand on its surface you would instantly liquify?”

“We’ve been dating almost a year and living together for four months.”

Submitted by phillipb3.

4. “Chemistry? I could help with that.”

USA Films / Via

“Upon hearing that I was struggling in my very basic GenEd Chemistry class, he said, ‘Chemistry? I could help with that.’ Hook, line, and sinker. Not only did he help me pass the class… I married him. Chemistry!”

Submitted by Kimberly Turner Jensen (Facebook).

5. “You look very striking tonight.”

“I was wearing a sweatshirt with lightning bolts on it and a guy at the bar came up and said ‘You look very striking tonight.’ and we dated for a while.”

Submitted by paigem46f63795b.

6. “Hey, do you mind if I interview you for a school assignment?”

“I really did have an important project and I interviewed him on public school education laws. I guess it worked because we’re married now. :)”

Submitted by Samantha Sali (Facebook).

7. “My now husband (we’re both dudes) tried to make a lame joke about us both having ‘Joseph’ in both our names.”

“I laughed because I was trying to be polite, but it was totally lame. Two years of dating and eight months of marriage later I still laugh at all his dumb jokes.”

Submitted by Joe Rimmele-Fulton (Facebook).

8. “Hey! You dropped your name tag!”

Warner Bros.

“While working as a server at a restaurant, one of the line cooks said ‘Hey! You dropped your name tag!’ and handed me a packet of sugar. We have been dating for two and a half years.”

Submitted by Jessica Lendi Dickson (Facebook).

9. “I once asked a guy what he wanted for breakfast the next morning.”

Dreamworks Pictures / Via

“That worked for me!”

Submitted by Cynthia Williams (Facebook).

10. “‘Wanna come over for pizza and sex?”

‘Why? What’s wrong with pizza?’

Married and had a kid with him. :)”

Submitted by saraminej.

11. “You look like someone I know… My next girlfriend.”

“He messaged me on Tinder and said, ‘You look like someone I know… My next girlfriend.’ Now we’re married lol.”

Submitted by jennifers467e1e954.

12. “I told a known musician he did a great set.”

@BuzzFeedFashion @BuzzFeed I told a known musician he did a great set.He told me. “Compliments will get you everywhere”.We dated for a year.

— Lridesagain (@Melody Music)

13. “You have beautiful eyes, I have beautiful eyes. Together, our children will have beautiful eyes.”

“My friend’s mom was at a dive bar in Delaware. A guy came up to her and said, ‘You have beautiful eyes, I have beautiful eyes. Together, our children will have beautiful eyes.’ They are now married—and yep, you guessed it. Both of their daughters have beautiful eyes.”

Submitted by magz410.

14. “If you could marry anyone on Game of Thrones, who would it be?”

“This guy messaged me on Tinder asking, ‘If you could marry anyone on Game of Thrones, who would it be?’ We haven’t stopped talking since and we are now an official couple.”

Submitted by brittanyt4661fa348.

15. “What flavour Chupa Chup lolly is that?”

@BuzzFeedFashion @BuzzFeed what flavour Chupa Chup lolly is that? 12yrs and still together 😊

— mycowbell (@Carla Williams)

16. “When I was 15, a boy held out his empty hand and asked if I would ‘hold it’ for him..”

“…I did.”

Submitted by carolinem37.

17. “I need help finding something….”

“The day I met my now fiancé, I was working at Forever 21 & he’s walking by the store & sees me, he comes running up to me & says ‘I need help finding something’ & me trying to be professional I said ‘Sure! What can I help you find today?’ & he said ‘Your phone number.’ It worked. :)”

Submitted by Denisse Marie Reyes (Facebook).

18. ‘Do you have a sober ride home? I could drive you and make sure you get home safe if you would like.’

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

“My now fiancé and some of our friends were behind me in line at a bar when I was closing out my tab. I was obviously a little tipsy and accidentally wrote what I wanted to tip in the total line. He said, ‘Do you have a sober ride home? I could drive you and make sure you get home safe if you would like.’ We (always) had a DD, so I didn’t need a ride, but I definitely gave him my phone number and the rest is history.”

Submitted by Rachel Anderson (Facebook).

19. “You have gorgeous blue eyes!”

“A man in a bar told me, ‘You have gorgeous blue eyes!’ I said ‘Uhhh, thanks? But [they’re] green so….’ followed by a wave of awkward silence. And we’ve been together for over 10 years now. :)”

Submitted by Kacey McGrath (Facebook).

20. “Excuse me, but could you fill out this survey for me?”

“Once, a guy that I kind of knew through a friend Instagram direct messaged me a picture of a blank contact (like where you would enter in the name and phone number) and said ‘Excuse me, but could you fill out this survey for me?’ And I was like okay heck yeah you’re awesome and I want to date you right now please.”

Submitted by claireb424854df2.

21. “Wanna play doctor?”

“A friend of mine is an ER nurse. One day they brought in a biker guy, badly messed up after a highway mishap. And when she was trolleying him in to the operation room he opened one eye, saw her, and whispered, ‘Wanna play doctor?’ ”

Submitted by filipj.

22. “If you want your pencil case back, text this number…”

CBS Television Distribution / Via

“My husband and I met 10 years ago in college; he got my number by hiding my pencil case in the library and left a random note saying, ‘if you want your pencil case back, text this number…’ I got my pencil case and he got a wife.”

Submitted by emmabread.

23. “Wow! Your eyes are so gorgeous!”

“A reverse accidental pickup line: My fiancé said ‘Wow! Your eyes are so gorgeous!’ and I replied (rather deadpan, because I was in a horrible mood). ‘Thanks. I grew them myself.’ He hasn’t left my side ever since.”

Submitted by Elizabeth Whitlock (Facebook).

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Tinder Has Invaded iMessage Allowing You To Swipe And Text Simultaneously

Tinder Has Invaded iMessage Allowing You To Swipe And Text Simultaneously

Tinder is a strangely addicting thing.

Since you dont see who doesnt actually swipe left on you, your ego is never really bruised.

You can judge people based on a short bio and six pictures literally anywhere, including from your very own toilet.

If you swipe left enough, Tinder will show you the same people, as if theyreasking you, Lower your expectations yet?

Sometimes I swipe left so many times they show me a member of a gender I am not interested in, like, Mmm girl, you sure you arent into this?

Now, thankfully, I can use my swiping skills in iMessage.

But if only I could find love

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How Choosing Celibacy Helped Me Find The Self-Love I Need

How Choosing Celibacy Helped Me Find The Self-Love I Need


In our Millennial world of late-night texts and almost-boyfriends, there are more gray areas in dating than there ever were before.

We’re not ashamed of apps like Tinder or Grindr in the pursuit of hookups, and sex is not so much a deeply intimate act, but more of a fleeting feeling.

We’re supposed to be carefree, adventurous and distant. The idea of celibacy isn’t even factored into our dating culture because we believe it simply doesn’t happen. I’m here to say that it does, and it holds a valuable place in a culture of mainstream sex and casualness.

The last time I had sex was a few months ago, and it was with a guy I really cared about, but one whom I wouldn’t see afterward. During that time, my thoughts continuously circled around the idea that it would be my last time having sex for a long time.

I soaked up every touch and each feeling because I knew I wouldn’t have any of it anymore. I wasn’t going to let myself have access to sex after him, at least temporarily.

Sex was so personal, so intimate and so unique that at the time, I couldn’t imagine having it with anyone other than him. It was as if it was “our thing.”

I found myself surprised to have these kinds of thoughts. Only five months prior to June, I was hooking up, nearly blackout-drunk, with a guy I barely knew, and he had no issue kicking me out afterward, point-blank.

I was an active participant in our own hook-up culture, and I pretended not to care. I depersonalized sex as much as I could. At the time, I had never before had a boyfriend or even a steady hook-up.

My sex consisted of one-night stands fueled by alcohol and loneliness under the guise of being a liberated, sexually independent female. Unfortunately, the only person this impression was kidding was myself.

I couldn’t have a night out without ending up topless in someone’s bed and barely ever questioned whether what I did was what I really wanted.

But, I eventually learned that casual sex wasn’t for me. The pure amount of energy required to maintain normalcy in front of my past conquests and the anxiety associated with seeing them outside of the bedroom was not worth the moments of drunken passion that would later translate to averted eye contact.

Sex with someone with whom I ate regular meals felt more appealing. The same went for someone who would touch my knee and ask me how I felt; someone with whom I enjoyed sitting in bed and watching documentaries.

Realizing this expanded my entire perspective on sex; it literally flipped everything I ever believed upside down and buried it underneath my shedding layers of immaturity and dissatisfaction. No other guy was worth sex unless he was worth investing in.

This idea led me into my current state of celibacy. Hooking up was such a constant force in my life that I couldn’t even really remember my life before it.

Since my freshman year of college, I got with multiple guys per weekend (without sleeping with them) and brushed intimacy off my shoulders, even though I would feel badly about it the following day.

At 21, celibacy brought me back to age 17, when I was mostly celibate my whole life. The most I had done at that point was make out with a few guys.

At first it felt strange; my friends in college knew me as a girl who was always hooking up. Remove that from my identity, and what was left? Even I wasn’t sure.

But slowly, as time went on, I became sure. When nights out didn’t end with going home with a guy, I was able to appreciate my time with my friends so much more.

I was so used to ditching them as soon as I found a guy, that I never realized how much more fun we had together, and I thought it was so much better than ending up with a random acquaintance to whom I’d never speak again.

I also had a lot more free time on my hands. I started doing art, mainly drawing and painting. I felt ecstatic the first time I bought my oil pastels.

I was also doing my senior thesis on cosmetic surgery in China. Delving into the topic and progressing more on my project made me feel so fulfilled.

Were there times that I missed sex? Absolutely. I had forgotten what it was like to be touched by another human being. Even a boy grazing my elbow would send a shudder down my spine.

At the same time, I was becoming more immune to it, too. Seeing a couple making began to not affect me.

I realized is that I felt so much more sure of myself when I wasn’t hooking up, which says a lot about who I am and where I am in my life right now.

I don’t advocate celibacy for everyone or even regard our hook-up culture with disdain. Rather I’m sharing that my experience with celibacy has revitalized me and brought my life back to my identity, passions and goals.

I’ve read so many articles where women lament the boys who don’t call afterward articles about how casually sleeping around feels like the ultimate modern sexual independence.

I’ve also read articles where men dissent the hook-up culture in favor of a meaningful relationship, and how the hook-up culture in general has shaped our mindsets and attitudes toward dating life. It’s led me to wonder where celibacy exists in all the frenzy of casual hookups and relationships.

I feel that celibacy is either looked down upon, associated with religion or considered nonexistent.

When people talk about last night’s hookup, it can feel like everyone is having sex but you, but we forget that that’s only an idea.

We only see a fraction of who people truly are; some fractions are larger than others, of course, depending on how well we know someone. But overall, they are still fractions and we never really know the truth.

We speculate and make assumptions that simply sound concrete and factual, even if they aren’t.

Celibacy isn’t simply about not having sex with people. To me, it is a form of reclaiming yourself. When you aren’t sharing yourself and your body with someone else, much less someone who may not even care about you, you’re much more able to focus on yourself and what you actually want.

It’s like breathing fresh air and coming back to life. You don’t need to impress anyone but yourself. Celibacy has taught me the strength in self-control, something I believed I lacked for years.

It’s one of many steps that I am learning in my own pursuit of self-love.

Ultimately, celibacy is a choice and I am thriving in it. In this crucial age where building and shaping who you are is vital, I want to enjoy it as much as I can.

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