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iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad 4 All Coming to China

iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad 4 All Coming to China


China is finally getting Apple’s latest toys. Apple said today it would begin selling both the iPhone 5, the fourth-generation iPad and the iPad mini in the country in December.

The two iPads officially go on sale Dec. 7, although only Wi-Fi versions will be available. There is no information on when or if the 4G LTE versions of the iPads will come to China. The iPhone 5 arrives on Dec. 14.

Tellingly, Apple’s press release announcing the news only highlights the iPhone 5 and iPad mini in the title — the fourth-generation iPad is mentioned only in the text. Apple is clearly downplaying its new flagship iPad, most likely to avoid potentially stealing the spotlight from the product it really wants to push this holiday: the iPad mini.

China has been a focal point for Apple’s business in the last few years. The potential market is obviously large, and Apple has opened flagship stores in major urban centers such as Shanghai and Beijing. Although the threat from knock-off gadgets (and knock-off stores) is much greater in China than other countries, it hasn’t hurt the appeal of Apple’s products in the country, and sales there have grown immensely.

Apple first introduced the iPhone 5 in September, and it’s now available in 47 countries. The iPad mini arrived in October alongside the blink-and-you-missed-it iPad Fourth Generation. All three products — as well as Apple’s new iPods — use the company’s new Lightning connector, a much smaller data and power port that allowed Apple to achieve the ultra-slim designs in both the iPad mini and iPhone 5.

Do you think Apple’s new products will be a hit in China? Let us know in the comments.

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The Awkward Moment Turned His Chair Around By Mistake On The Voice..

The Awkward Moment Turned His Chair Around By Mistake On The Voice..

We can only imagine how utterly nerve-wracking it must be to go on The Voice..

Singing to the back of four chairs seems somehow more intimidating than singing to people’s actual faces. And the rejection – ifnone of those four chairs spin around – must be pretty crushing…

Anyway, hopeful Alaric Green – singing Josh Groban’s Broken Vow – was one of the lucky contestants, with two judges hitting those big red buttons during his performance on Saturday night’s show. He had and Ricky Wilson, but, as it transpired, it looks like might have spun around by accident…

(If you’re not interested in Alaric’s interview, his performance starts about a minute in).

Things worked out well for Alaric though. He joined Ricky’s team and will advance to the next stage of the competition…

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University Fees Set To Rise Above £9,000 As Part Of Educational Reform

University Fees Set To Rise Above £9,000 As Part Of Educational Reform

New government measures – announced today – will allow UK universities to raise their fees over the current 9,000threshold.

This won’t be all universities – only those that excel when it comes to teaching – but critics are already arguing that it will prevent less-privileged students from accessing a high quality education.

Basically, universities are going to be forced to publish information concerning how long their students spend in lectures, and what they earn once they graduate. Their teaching will also be rated, and based on all this, it’ll be decided if they can raises their fees (with no upper limit), or not.

These new measures are being put in place to “tackle the skills shortfall in some employment sectors and encourage universities to provide a higher quality of teaching”.

As well as letting the top universities raise their fees, the government is also going to award university status to private colleges and “challenger institutions”. This will introduce a lot of competition, as it means that companies – such as Facebook, Apple or Google – could start their own universities, and award degrees.

From next year, universities will also have to reveal thegender, background and ethnicity of their intake, and it will become easier for students to switch courses, or even university.

The governmenthas also proposed that a watchdog be created, to make sure that the consumer rights of students are protected, and that their education is value for money.

What do you think of these reforms? Let us know in the comments!

Image Credit: Huffington Post

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Brand New Trailer For Season 2 Of ‘Narcos’ Has Just Dropped

Brand New Trailer For Season 2 Of ‘Narcos’ Has Just Dropped

I hope you’re sitting down, because sh*t is about to get seriously real. Netflix have finally graced us with a trailer for the much loved second series of their show ‘Narcos’.

The show follows the life of notorious kingpin and world’s richest criminal, Pablo Escobar, and has won itself critical acclaim and many, many hardcore fans.

Fans who were left craving more. Much, much more.

But huzzah, no need to fear – they announced the second series would return on the 2nd of September 2016. Yes. In like two months. Hallelujah!

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve been blessed with a whole two minutes of scenes from the new series:

September can’t come fast enough.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments

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Jilted Bride Invites Homeless People To Her Wedding Banquet

Jilted Bride Invites Homeless People To Her Wedding Banquet

When her fiance called off their wedding, with less than a week to go before the big day, Quinn Duane was devastated. And so was her family.

Landon Borup had proposed to Quinn over an Easter meal – asking each member of each of their familiesto read herone of thereasons that he loved her. But with just days to go before the wedding, he got cold feet and called it all off.

Devastated, Quinn’s family were determined that some good would come from the heartbreak. Instead of cancelling the $35,000 celebration, they decided to donate it tothose less fortunate, who would really appreciate it.

So on the day that Kari Duane thought she would watch her daughter get married, she instead found herself in a banquet hall, welcoming Sarcamento’s homeless to enjoy the lavish meal.

Families, single parents, grandparents and newborns all came, and they were infinitely grateful to Kari.

One woman, arriving with herfive children, told KRCA:

“To lose out on something so important to yourself and then give it to someone else is really giving, really kind”

Although the day was still painfulfor the family – with Quinn unable to face her would-be wedding celebration, and staying at home – they were glad that their money didn’t go to waste. As Kari said:

“I feel a lot of heartache and heartbreak for her, but I will take away something good from this, I will.”

With her honeymoon non-refundable, Quinn and Kari jetted off to Belize yesterday.

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Police Have Asked for 1.3 Million Cellphone Users’ Records

Police Have Asked for 1.3 Million Cellphone Users' Records


Police across the United States asked cellphone providers for the phone records, text message transcripts, location data and other information of at least 1.3 million customers during 2011, according to a Congressman investigating the practice.

Some of the data provided to Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.), the lawmaker who carried out the investigation, indicated that the number of police requests to mobile carriers have exploded over the past five years. Law enforcement requests to AT&T alone more than doubled from 125,425 in 2007 to 261,365 in 2011 — approximately 700 requests every day.

One type of law enforcement request, wherein police ask cell providers for a so-called “dump” of information about subscribers near a certain cell tower at a given point in time, may mean that thousands more people have been involved in police requests.

Markey called the results of his investigation — the most thorough inquiry into the practice thus far — “startling.”

“We cannot allow privacy protections to be swept aside with the sweeping nature of these information requests, especially for innocent consumers,” said Markey in a statement. “Law enforcement agencies are looking for a needle, but what are they doing with the haystack? We need to know how law enforcement differentiates between records of innocent people, and those that are subjects of investigation, as well as how it handles, administers, and disposes of this information.”

Markey initially requested the information in May after reading about the practice. Nine carriers have returned letters detailing each company’s procedures when police request users’ information.

Verizon Wireless, for instance, has a “team of trained employees and managers” that responded to more than 700 police requests each day in 2011. The company noted that it requires a warrant from police in all but the most extreme circumstances.

“Unless a customer consents to the release of the information or law enforcement certifies that there is an emergency involving danger of death or serious physical injury, we do not release location information to law enforcement without a signed warrant or order from a judge,” reads Verizon’s letter, which also stressed that the company prioritizes customer privacy.

Other carriers also said they require a warrant in most cases and sometimes deny requests in the interest of customer privacy. Sprint, for example, detailed a sort of investigative Pong process in which some requests bounced between the company and police while escalating up the chain of command on either side.

About 88% of American adults now own a cell phone, while 46% of them own a smartphone. Both types of devices are capable of storing an immense amount of data that can be useful to police investigations.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation called the report an indication of a “privacy disaster” in a blog post on Monday. The EFF urged cell phone providers to follow the example set by Google and Twitter, both of which deliver transparency reports about police and government requests for users’ data.

Should cellphone providers publish reports about police requests for users’ information? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Image courtesy of iStockphoto, anouchka

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French Gymnast Suffers Horrific Leg Break During Olympics

French Gymnast Suffers Horrific Leg Break During Olympics

French gymnastSamir Ait Said’s Olympics ended last night, when his leg broke as he was taking part in the men’s vault.

The 26-year-old landed awkwardly, and the sound of his bone snapping could reportedly be heard throughout the stadium.

He was quickly tended to by medics, and was stretchered off to a standing ovation.

(Warning – if you’re squeamish, you might not like the following images…)

You can watch the moment Samir broke his leg here:

The French Olympic team tweeted that Samirfractured his tibia and fibula, and would be having surgery soon.

They also reported that he thanked his well-wishers, and promised to win gold at Tokyo in four years time.

We wish him all the best, and hope that he makes a speedy recovery.

Image Credits: Getty

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If Countries Had Facebook During WWII

If Countries Had Facebook During WWII

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Looking for a Dual-Sim Android Phone? Acer’s Got One

Looking for a Dual-Sim Android Phone? Acer's Got One


Acer has announced two Ice Cream Sandwich-powered smartphones — Liquid Gallant and Liquid Gallant Duo.

The two devices are actually the same except for the dual-SIM feature on the Duo, which makes this mid-range phone much more interesting. With the ability to use two SIM cards in one phone, the user can switch between two mobile networks and two different numbers with ease.

Both Gallants have a 4.3 inch display, a 5-megapixel rear camera, a 1 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of storage memory, further expandable to 32 GB via microSD cards.

With specifications like that, we’re hoping for a fair price, which would make the Duo variant a nice option for those in the market for a dual-SIM Android device.

Both phones will be available in two colors: “Gentle Black” and “Ceramic White.” Liquid Gallant Duo will hit the market in September 2012, and its single-SIM brother will follow shortly thereafter.

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15 People Admitted To Their Weirdest Porn Searches Online

15 People Admitted To Their Weirdest Porn Searches Online

Not that I would right now but, when you’re in the mood, you can never really account for what’s going to take your fancy when it gets to the crunch time.

That being said, we all have our boundaries. I draw the line on nudity and heavy petting. Some people draw the line at non-humans. Whatever floats your boat (as long as it’s legal).

Here are some of the weirdest porn searches that people have admitted to looking for…
















See? Maybe your fetishes don’t seems all that weird now..?

Or maybe they’re still atrocious.

What do you think? let us know what you’ve searched for in the comments if you’re brave enough!


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