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Baby Wakes Up to Gangnam Style (Video)

Baby Wakes Up to Gangnam StyleBaby Wakes Up to Gangnam Style

I guess it’s baby cuteness day. :) Here’s little Amaya fast asleep…until her favorite song comes on…

Original video found via Youtube. Spotted here.

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Moms’ Tips for Baby Sleep (Video)

Phillips Avent viral videoPhillips Avent viral video

Moms show their best tips for making cranky, crying babies fall asleep in the new Phillips Avent viral ad.

Thanks Vincenzo!

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Sleeping Baby Hedgehog (Video)

Sleeping Baby HedgehogSleeping Baby Hedgehog

A tiny, 7-day-old baby hedgehog takes a nap on the palm of the owner’s hand…

Bonus cuteness – a baby hedgehog yawn:

First video via Tastefully Offensive