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8 Life Hacks Every Woman Needs

8 Life Hacks Every Woman Needs

Via 120 Ways to Annoy Your Mother by Ana Benaroya. BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { if (BF_STATIC.bf_test_mode) localStorage.setItem(‘posted_date’, 1408353513); }); BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { document.getElementById(“update_posted_time_3420779”).innerHTML = “posted on ” + UI.dateFormat.get_formatted_date(1408353513); }); 1.

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All images via 120 Ways to Annoy Your Mother, by Ana Benaroya, published by Thames & Hudson on 1 September at #10.

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When You See Why He Put His Oven Rack In The Bathtub, You’ll Want To Do The Same

When You See Why He Put His Oven Rack In The Bathtub, You'll Want To Do The Same

I always dread the afternoon I set aside to clean my oven. The built-in cycle releases toxic fumes into my home, and I imagine it can’t be healthy for anyone who’s still inside while it’s running. But without it, how else do you get rid of the burnt-on bits from hundreds of meals? Well, all you really need is a bathtub, a towel, some dishwashing soap, and baking soda!

No toxic fumes or need to scrub for hours? This is the best cleaning hack ever!

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Hundreds Of Indian Festival-Goers Waste No Time Making Way For An Ambulance

Hundreds Of Indian Festival-Goers Waste No Time Making Way For An Ambulance
This video filmed during the Indian festival of Ganesh Visarjan in the city of Pune shows the moment when thousands of people worked together to make sure an ambulance could navigate the crowded streets.
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Partygoers participating in the street festival came to a complete standstill as soon as they heard the ambulance wailing in the background. Performers stopped playing music and at the drop of a hat, the crowd formed a tunnel for the ambulance to pass through.

That was incredible to watch. It was like the parting of the Red Sea! It’s pretty amazing what people can accomplish when they work together.

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When Her Sister Is Scolded, This Little One Steps In And Adorably Shuts It Down

When Her Sister Is Scolded, This Little One Steps In And Adorably Shuts It Down

Sibling bonds are unbreakable.

When someone goes after our siblings, older or younger, we step in and fight off anyone who gives them a hard time. All bets are off, however, when parents get involved. When it comes to parents, we usually have to let them say what they’re going to say.

After all, they’re the ones who are really in charge. But one precocious little girl was just filmed sticking up for her sister while their mom gave her a stern talking to.

Watch as she yells at mom to put an end to the madness. What a loyal sister!

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It looks like Mom and big sis were in on this argument, but it shows just how fierce this adorable toddler can be. I aim for that level of sass all the time.

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I Think We Can All Agree On Which Of These Pups Is The Guilty Party Here

I Think We Can All Agree On Which Of These Pups Is The Guilty Party Here

Whenever I notice that the trashcan in my room has been ransacked, it’s pretty easy to tell which of my dogs was responsible for the dirty deed.

All I need to do is ask who did it and my golden retriever lies down shamefully on the ground with his belly in the air. It’s hilariously adorable, but I always have to wonder why he would even go through with it if he was just going to give himself away that easily.

This embarrassed pup is in the same boat. When asked if she was the offending canine who dug a hole outside of the family home, she couldn’t hide her overwhelming guilt.

Don’t worry, girl. It looks like you’ll be forgiven pretty quickly.

Though I know how frustrating it can be to deal with a misbehaving dog, I don’t think I could stay mad at her. Her shame is way too cute.

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A Million People Just Signed This Petition For A Heartbreaking Reason

A Million People Just Signed This Petition For A Heartbreaking Reason

There’s nothing quite like seeing a polar bear in its natural habitat. Sadly, that’s getting rarer and rarer due to habitat destruction and climate change.

Getty Images

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For that reason (among others), more and more polar bears are finding themselves in zoos, totally out of their element.

Getty Images

If you’ve ever seen polar bears at the zoo, you’ve probably noticed how sad they look.

Getty Images

There are many pros and cons of keeping animals contained in zoos. And while some still try to create enclosures that feel real, one in China has been deemed the “saddest zoo in the world.”

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Meet Pizza, one of two polar bears housed at the Grandview Mall Aquarium in Guangzhou, China.

Getty Images

The Grandview Mall Aquarium is housed on the sixth floor of one of the largest shopping centers in all of Asia and has come under harsh criticism from PETA and other animal activist groups.

While the zoo may bring joy to thousands of visitors each and every day, the animals themselves are exposed to horrible living conditions. Many of the animals housed at the aquarium are malnourished and weak. Some have even begun showing signs of zoochosis, which is a psychological condition zoo animals often have to deal with in captivity.

Here’s Pizza’s story.

This bear is losing its will to live and it’s truly tragic.

The two bears are being used and abused for amusement and are beginning to show signs of mental distress.

Getty Images

Pizza spends hours pacing back and forth daily, searching for any crack or crevice through which he can escape and begin to live out a meaningful life.

The team at Animals Asia has started a petition that is urging for the forceful shutdown of this multi-million dollar aquarium.

There are now over 1,000,000 signatures on the petition. Doncaster’s Yorkshire Wildlife Park in the U.K. has offered to take Pizza and many other animals to their 10-acre habitat park, but Chinese authorities refuse to let the animals leave China. More than 50 Chinese animal protection agencies have embraced the campaign and have sent countless letters to Zhu Xiaodan, the current governor of the Guangdong Province.

Throughout the campaign against the zoo, the general manager has firmly denied any mistreatment of the animals, specifically the housing of Pizza and the other polar bear.

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To help put an end to the wrongful captivity of polar bears and more than 500 other species of animals at the Grandview Mall Aquarium, consider signing the petitions started by Animals Asia or PETA today.

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21 Awesome Ways To Use Chalkboard Paint Around Your Home…They’re So Creative!

21 Awesome Ways To Use Chalkboard Paint Around Your Home...They're So Creative!

I’ve always loved chalkboards — minus that horrible screeching sound that happens when they’re raked with fingernails, of course.

They’re so much more fun to draw on than simple paper, and admit it: We all feel pretty cool when we use them. Plus, the possibilities are endless when you can erase what you create as much as you want.

Speaking of possibilities, I had no clue the number of creative things you could do with chalkboard paint until just recently. I’m now convinced that there’s really nothing that can’t be made better with a coat of the stuff. If you want to add a little creative flair to your home, check these projects out!

1. Let your kids’ creativity shine with this cute craft table.

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2. Use an old window to make an awesome weekly calendar.

3. Personalize your mug!

4. You’ll never have to remember which drink yours is again with these wine glasses.

Just Short of Crazy

5. Turn stirring sticks into garden markers for easy organization.

6. Add a personal touch to your boring old notebook.

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7. These cookie tins are too cute!

8. This serving tray is a great way to sweeten breakfast in bed or label the food you’re serving.

9. Help your kids count down to Christmas with this festive plate.

10. Make organization gorgeous with this adorable nook.

11. I’ve always just stored my seasonal clothes in trash bags but this is so much better!

12. I so need this for my bathroom drawer!

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13. These chalkboard heads are so much fun for kids!

14. Use these coasters to easily assign drinks at your next party.

15. These mason jars will help keep your crafting drawer clutter free.

16. Your kid will never get bored with this dollhouse because she can change it as often as she wants.

17. Make seasonal decorations with these styrofoam pumpkins.

18. This filing cabinet is so much more stylish now!

19. Make your kids proud of their artwork by hanging it on their own gallery wall!

20. Now your little ones can color all over the walls without any timeouts.

21. This dresser will help your kids get ready so much faster!

Chalkboard paint must havesome mystical powers. How else could you make so much awesome stuff with it (that has nothing to do with math)? Will you give any of these projects a go?

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He Took Everything Out Of This Closet And Turned It Into An Awesome Home Office

He Took Everything Out Of This Closet And Turned It Into An Awesome Home Office

Making room for a baby in an already small apartment is no easy feat.

But when Redditor ed_case got the news that he was going to become a dad, he knew he had to clear some space. He also had to create an office for himself.

The solution? Turn the family’s tiny cupboard that was previously a catchall into a usable spot for him to work from home.

This was the cupboard before he got started — it’s pretty small and very packed.

First he had to get everything out of it, so he built a shed to store the overflow.

Wanting to spiff it up a bit, he added wood laminate flooring to the walls.

He began painting the adjacent wall before finishing the laminate to make the paint process easier later on.

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The room is really coming together…

He used special L-brackets to support an IKEA tabletop.

He also created holes in the wall to thread the sound and lighting cables.

With the counter, shelves, and lighting in, it was time for one finishing touch.

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Some wall art went up…

And there you have it!

It just goes to show that even the smallest space can be turned into a totally functional room!

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When His Wife Left Town For The Week, This Guy Tore Up Their Bedroom Floors

When His Wife Left Town For The Week, This Guy Tore Up Their Bedroom Floors

Redditor pcjames saw an opening when his wife went out of town for a week…

He’d been wanting to rip up the ugly carpeting in their bedroom and replace it with hardwood floors. Now was the perfect time. So with just a few days to get the job done, he got to work!

While it might sound like quite the undertaking for just one guy and a week, it’s actually a lot easier than you think!

First, he tore up the carpet — it just had to go.

He bought half-inch-thick plywood pieces and cut them up into eight-inch-wide strips.

Then came the sanding…lots and lots of sanding.

Before he started nailing anything down, he tried an initial layout. He staggered the planks for a unique look.

It’s gluing time! He used a construction-grade adhesive to glue each board to the subfloor.

A nail gun came in handy for the next step — this went a lot faster than pcjames thought it would.

This diagonal portion by the door was a bit trickier, though.

All that was left was to stain the planks and apply a sealer.

The stain turned out darker than anticipated, but ultimately, pcjames decided to leave it as is.

He applied three coats of polyurethane with a satin finish…then…

The furniture went in! This looks great.

The amazing part about this project is that it cost less than $250 total. How crazy is that? I think I might just go start ripping up my ugly carpet, too!

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What This Woman Made With A Boring Wooden Crate Will Blow You Away

What This Woman Made With A Boring Wooden Crate Will Blow You Away

When mom and crafter Tara of Tara Michelle Interiors was in the market for a new bookshelf, she opted to go the DIY route.

Not only was she working with a smaller space, she also didn’t want to spend a ton, and was after something more unique than boring, big-box options.

What she did next with a bunch of cheap wooden crates might inspire you to follow in her crafty footsteps. The beautiful results of just a few hours of work look positively professional!

First, you’ll need some crates. If you’re lucky, you can find these outside of grocery stores, in junkyards, or if you’re not into hunting, at your local hardware store or Home Depot.

Tara recommends these additional tools and materials…

  • 8 unfinished wood crates
  • a sander or just a few grades of sandpaper
  • 6-8 sponge brushes (she found they broke after one or two crates)
  • rags
  • a plastic tablecloth
  • Minwax stain — 946ml can (choose whichever color you’d like)
  • Minwax paste (optional)
  • drill or screwdriver
  • 1″ screws
  • l-bracket to connect the case to the wall

The crafter recommends testing out a few layout variations. The fit wasn’t right here, so she adjusted accordingly.

Then, using a sander or sandpaper, smooth all the surfaces of the crates. Dust everything off and then stain the crates. You should wipe them down shortly after.

After she allowed everything to dry for at least eight hours, she covered the crates with wax and wiped it off after ten minutes. While Tara says this isn’t necessary, it does help protect the wood from wear.

Here’s the rustic result she achieved.

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Finally, starting with the bottom two crates, begin screwing them together one by one.

Making sure everything is aligned will be a little tedious process, but recognize that it doesn’t have to look perfect. That’s half the appeal of this vintage look!

When all was said and done, this was the beautiful result.

If that layout doesn’t strike your fancy, though, you can always opt for this version.

This is also this beautiful option.

Check out more inspired design ideas on Tara’s blog. You can also follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!

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