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EA to Shutter ‘SimCity Social,’ ‘The Sims Social,’ ‘Pet Society’

EA to Shutter 'SimCity Social,' 'The Sims Social,' 'Pet Society'


EA is shuttering three of its Facebook games on June 14: Sim City Social, The Sims Social and Pet Society.

Those games’ players are being notified by the Playfish forums and the Facebook fan pages. Players are encouraged to spend all their in-game currency before June 14.

Sim City Social was announced last year and released on June 25, meaning it will have survived for only a year. The game was developed by Playfish and Maxis, and allowed players to collaborate on cities.

The Sims Social was the Facebook spinoff of EA’s dominant simulation game. It was released in 2011 and rose to the top of Facebook’s app charts, becoming second only to Farmville in popularity. In the past six months, however, it had seen a decline in users.

Pet Society was developed and released by Playfish Games before it was acquired by EA for $300 million in 2009. It allowed players to create and customize their own pets, and then interact with other friends across the game. Pet Society had an immense following and had been on Facebook since 2008.

This announcement comes after EA decided to shutter other Facebook games; EA Sports NFL Madden Superstars and EA Sports NHL Superstars are both being shuttered May 14. EA could be re-evaluating its position in the social games market with these closures, but the games represent most of the titles Playfish supported. Another of the developer’s games, a hidden object game called JetSet Secrets released in September, is being retired later this month.

For devoted players of those social games, these closures might represent another reason to be bitter at EA, which was voted Worst Company in America by Consumerist readers just last week.

Did you play SimCity Social, The Sims Social or Pet Society? Share your memories of those games with us in the comments.

Image courtesy SimCity Social Facebook

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WATCH: When You Do a Wheelie At Over 100mph In Just a T-Shirt And Shorts..Don’t Crash!

WATCH: When You Do a Wheelie At Over 100mph In Just a T-Shirt And Shorts..Don’t Crash!

Motorcycles can indeed be dangerous.

Riding on the road presents a whole lot of unknowns that you always want to be prepared for. If you are going out of your way to increase the danger risk, you naturally have to be extra prepared. Regardless, even if you are commuting to work or making a run to the grocery store, you throw on your leathers and make sure your skin is protected. One wrong move by you or someone else and you will easily go down and find yourself getting skin grafted in ICU for the next two weeks. So naturally, if you are going to decide to hop on your bike, hit the road, and attempt to do insane wheelies, then of course you are going to be geared up in leather to the max, right? In this case, wrong.

There are idiots who dont respect motorcycles and seemingly think they are invincible and can be in complete control of a machine thats a hundred times more powerful than they are.

Case in point in this video below where we witness an idiot nearly lose his life from a major wheelie fail:

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25 Fun Facts About Seinfeld You May Not Know

25 Fun Facts About Seinfeld You May Not Know

It’s hard to really describe the phenomenon that Seinfeld was and still is today. It definitely is at the top of the list for most loved sitcoms and will always be there. Here are 25 fun facts about Seinfeld you may not know.

25. Before Elaine Before Julia Louis-Dreyfus was on Seinfeld, she was first a cast member on SNL from 1982-1985. Before that she was performing with The Second City in Chicago, the popular theater troupe. Larry David and Julia met on SNL because Larry was a writer there for a year.

24. RESTAURANT The diner where the group is seen eating most every episode has aname – Monk’s. It modeled after NYC’s Upper West Side cafe Tom’s Restaurant, which is still in operation today

23. So Many Awards Seinfeld was nominated for 68 Emmy Awards altogether and won 10. Although, neither Jerry Seinfeld nor Jason Alexander ever won an individual Emmy.

22. That’s A Lot of Moolah By the end of the series, the show was bringing in about $200 million a year in pure profit for NBC.

21. This City Would Eat You Alive Seinfeld couldn’t exist in any other city but New York, but it was mostly shot at the CBS Studio Center in Studio City,CA.

20. Get Smart Jerry Seinfeld’s favorite TV shows as a kid were Get Smart, Laugh-In, and Batman.

19. Directed by George Jason Alexander (George Costanza) is the only cast member who everdirected an episode.

18. Jerry the Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is ranked #12 out of the top 100 comedians of all time on Comedy Central’s list.

17. Kramer with Children Before making Kramer the iconic role he is, Michael Richards auditioned for the role of Al Bundy in Married With Childrenbut was beat out by Ed O’Neill.

16. Rosie and Patricia Rosie O’Donnell read for the part of Elaine and was considered. So was Patricia Heaton, the wife fromEverybody Loves Raymond.

15. Just Keep It In the Show The last gag in “The Parking Garage,” in which Kramer’s car won’t start after the foursome finally finds his parking space, was completely unintentional.

14. No Hugs, No Lessons Seinfeld held the mantra of “No Hugs, No Lessons” throughout the entire series. They chose not to have any sentimental moments on the show.

13. Hello, Newman. The first reference toNewman was made in the second season’s 7th episode, but the role was voice only, and was portrayed by Larry David.

12. Julia’s Baby When Julia Louis-Dreyfus became pregnant with her second child, Jerry suggested that they incorporate her size into the story and work in a plotline about Elaine getting fat. When she heard the idea, Julia“just burst into tears,” and the idea was immediately scrapped in favor of just hiding her belly under baggy clothes and well-placed props.

11. Kessler/Kramer Larry David originally wanted to name Kramer “Kessler.” David based the character on his neighbor, also named Kramer, and feared that his neighbor would make a big fuss about it. In the end, Kramer was the perfect name for the character. Kramer’s first name, Cosmo, wasn’t revealed until season 6.

10. Kramer Reality Tour Larry David’s neighbor did indeed profit from the association of the names.He even does a “Kramer Reality Tour,” which was later mimicked in the show when Kramer does a reality tour of Mr. Peterman because he used Kramer’s stories for his book.

9. The Contest The “contest” episode is based on a real contest that Larry David and Kenny Kramer had. It went on for months, and Larry won.

8. Jerry’s Age After being featured on the Tonight Show for over a decade, Jerry was 36 years old when the series first began.

7. It’s a Festivus Miracle! George’s father didn’t invent Festivus. The real credit goes to Dan O’Keefe who created it in 1966 to celebrate the anniversary of his first date with his wife. O’Keefe’sson was a writer on the show and presented the idea. The Festivus pole was a gag added by the writers. Think of it as a gift for the rest of us.

6. Get Out! Seinfeld’s series finale ranks as the #3 most watched series finale behind M.A.S.H. and Cheers. 76 million viewers tuned in to watch the four friends end up in jail.

5. Where’s Elaine? Elaine wasn’t originally in the cast. After the pilot episode, Larry and Jerry started looking for a good fit in a female character. They found Julia Louis-Dreyfus who couldn’t have been a better choice.

4. No Soup For You! Jerry is banned fromthe real life Soup Nazi’s restaurant. Al Yaganeh, the inspiration for the Soup Nazi, claims that the episode ruined his life and business, even though it has given him fame and recognition to this day.

3. Yadda Yadda Yadda “Yada, yada, yada,” was ranked #1 in TV Guide’s list of TV’s 20 Top Catchphrases.

2. The Power of Laughter Steven Spielberg has said that while filming Schindler’s List, he would getdepressed at times andwould watch tapes of “Seinfeld” episodes to cheer himself up.

1. Leaving On A High Note Seinfeld is one of only three series in American history to stay ranked at #1 in the ratings for its entire final network season. The other two were I Love Lucy (in 1956-57) and The Andy Griffith Show (in 1967-68).

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White People Listen to Pandora, Study Shows

White People Listen to Pandora, Study Shows

Pandora – the free radio bullshit that plays the worst advertisements – released the top ten most “thumbs upped” songs. This important data analysis revealed that depressed white people listen to a shit ton of Pandora. Here's the full list:

1. “How to Save a Life” – The Fray
2. “Someone Like You” – Adele
3. “Somebody That I Used to Know” – Gotye
4. “Counting Stars” – One Republic
5. “She Will Be Loved” – Maroon 5
6. “Iris” – Goo Goo Dolls
7. “Let Me Love You” – Mario
8. “Radioactive” – Imagine Dragons
9. “The Motto” – Drake
10. “Don't Stop Believing” – Journey

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It’s Wrong To Laugh At These Skiing And Snowboarding Fails, But It Feels So Right

It's Wrong To Laugh At These Skiing And Snowboarding Fails, But It Feels So Right

It’s incredibly hard to master the art of skiing or snowboarding. I think everyone knows that. If you’ve ever given it a try, you know just how complicated it is. It looks simple and smooth, but the learning curve is brutal.

If you think that skiing and snowboarding are easy activities, I think you should ask these people just how “simple” they are. Their failures are absolutely amazing.

Those are some nasty falls, and I hope everyone in that video is okay. If you do want to film your foray into extreme sports, maybe wait until you master them, okay?

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If You Drive Over These Rumble Strips On The Highway, Something Awesome Happens

If You Drive Over These Rumble Strips On The Highway, Something Awesome Happens

Normally, when you drift to the curb of a highway, it’s bad news. You’re jolted back into the lane by the terrible vibrations and noise of the rumble strips.

But just west of a small town in New Mexico, there’s a road that everyone looks forward to for just that same reason. While there are some pretty spectacular views, the grooves in the road are what people travel to it for.

Spaced just the right amount apart, the rumble strips produce a song when you drive over them at the exact right speed. Hear it for yourself, and get ready to plan your next cross-country drive to the Land of Enchantment.

What a wonderful surprise! Hopefully this catches on enough and we find more of these around the country.

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Nokia’s Music Streaming Service and Two Other Stories You Need to Know

Nokia's Music Streaming Service and Two Other Stories You Need to Know

Welcome to this morning’s edition of “First To Know,” a series in which we keep you in the know on what’s happening in the digital world.

Today, we’re looking at three particularly interesting stories. Nokia has announced it will be releasing a music streaming service called Nokia Music+ for a subscription price of $3.99. Rumors say Apple’s set to release a new iPad model — one that could have 128 gigabytes of storage, and Twitter’s Vine has taken a not-so-safe-for-work turn after users began to post pornographic videos with the app.

Check out the video above for more on these stories.

Image courtesy of iStockphoto, mattjeacock

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Missy Elliott: Betch Of The Week

Missy Elliott: Betch Of The Week

This most recent honoree of the coveted Betch of the Week title should come as no surprise to anyone who was alive in the early 2000’s and watched the Superbowl. Obv it’s Missy Elliott. Although most betches are not universally loved, everyone’s reaction to her Superbowl performance proved that it is possible to be a betch and to also be well-liked (however for us mere mortals this isn’t something I recommend, as it takes a whole lot of effort).

Betches are pros at killing shit, and Missy just happened to kill her performance in a little old production called the Superbowl Halftime Show. And as we all know this wasn’t even technically her halftime show. What a show-stealing betch. Meanwhile, Missy hasn’t even put out a song since I was like, a sophomore in high school (if that) while Katy Perry has to show up to awards shows in matching Canadian tuxedos with Riff Raff in order to stay relevant. Yawn. Although I must give props to Katy Perry where props are due for giving us the best 3 minutes of the entire Super Bowl (yes, even counting the end of the game), and for all of her awkward dancing.

A little bit of life history: before the introductory beats of Work It and Get Your Freak On sent you and all your besties running to the center of the dance floor, Missy was a true OG. She has five Grammys under her belt (which is hopefully five more than Iggy will win this year, fingers crossed), and is the only female rapper to have six platinum albums. She helped pave the way for other rap betches (cough Nicki)  and for that we’re eternally grateful. Also I’m pretty sure that if not for Missy, Ciara would still be dating Bow Wow, but that’s just my expert opinion.

But enough about other artists. I hope that if Missy has learned anything from the Superbowl experience, it’s that she really needs to come out of retirement and release another album. Or even re-release an old album, I don’t even care. I’m begging you Missy, before you go back into hiding for another decade ask yourself: is it worth it? Lemme work it. I put my thing down, flip in ‘n reverse it.

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Defend the World From Creepy Bugs in This iPhone Game

Defend the World From Creepy Bugs in This iPhone Game


If you’ve longed to tour the streets of cities near and far, an iOS game hitting shelves on Thursday will give a glimpse of life outside your hometown — while you battle waves of bugs.

Critter’s Inc. [iTunes link] puts you in charge of defending famous landmarks around the globe, such as the Empire State Building, the Forbidden City and the Great Sphinx, from creeping bugs. This tower-defense-style game tasks you with hindering the bugs’ path with cute animals.

The game was created by Explorence, an indie studio that is trying to bring gaming into the real world, according to CEO Mike Suprovici. Suprovici added that Critter’s Inc. is a product of the designers’ desires to travel.

Suprovici said they began studying local maps and streets surrounding famous landmarks to figure out how to turn the world around them into a game.

“You learn the local geography because we take the real maps and enhance them so you get context,” Suprovici said. “Most of us don’t have the time to travel to these exotic spaces, so this is a fun way to do that.”

Players slowly build an army of animals to battle the bugs. Each character is unlocked along the way, but those who don’t want to wait can also purchase players.

Critter’s Inc. is free now for iPhone, with an Android version likely on its way.

Image: Explorence

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A Truck Driver Reveals Something I’ve Never Seen, And Can Help Everyone

A Truck Driver Reveals Something I’ve Never Seen, And Can Help Everyone

What better observer of bad road behavior than someone who makes their everyday living on the road?

Eric Boling Bracey has spent years as a semi-truck driver out of Florida nonetheless, and he has seen it all. He now has something to tell drivers and his words may very well be life saving.

He posted a video, sincerely hoping to get a message out to improve the situation on the roads. One of his pet peeves is drivers pulling in front of semis, and then hitting their brakes. Do they not realizing that they are suddenly braking in front of these massive trucks usually carrying 44,000 pounds worth of load? It is nearly impossible for trucks to stop at the same rate a little two door sedan can. Yet drivers dont seem to comprehend this.

We get a real great example of just how much space is required in order to stop a semi. Bracey lines up 10 truck trailers in a lot and shows that this row of 100 feet and stopping distance required wouldnt even be close to this travelling at 60 mph.

Matter of fact, it is about 4 times this! About 414 feet would be needed to stop.

Eric Boling Bracey | Facebook

Bracey goes on to explain how he would have to live with the fact that he inadvertently killed someone because they pulled out in front of him and suddenly stomped on their brakes.

This is very much a real world example of what happens every single day. This semi is very common and the stopping scenario applies to the hundreds of semis you come across travelling long distances.

This guy wants to bring about some serious awareness while reducing the number of accidents, deaths, and close calls which occur everyday. So what exactly should you do when you see a semi in the right lane on the freeway? Its not going anywhere and it wont be moving itself for you, as it simply cant. Either speed up or else slow down in order to merge. You need to be a defensive driver out there and not expect others to move around you, as you need to adjust to them, especially when it comes to big rigs.

Follow what this guy says. It may seriously save your life and your passengers lives as well.

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