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NH Black Bear Scared Away by Two Bulldogs (Video)

NH Black Bear Scared Away by Two Bulldogs (Video)

Two bulldogs, Lola and Comma, broke through the railings on the porch to confront a black bear that was visiting their backyard in Bow, New Hampshire. The brave dogs chased the bear away, even though one might say that this black bear was pretty mild-mannered.

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The Kindest Man Alive: Jon Hamm Did Push-Ups In Front Of Shelter Dogs For 3 Hours Yesterday

The Kindest Man Alive: Jon Hamm Did Push-Ups In Front Of Shelter Dogs For 3 Hours Yesterday

He might play a selfish and deeply flawed man on TV, but yesterday Jon Hamm proved that, off-camera, he is the kindest man alive when he showed up at Stony Point Animal Shelter in Los Angeles and did push-ups in front of rescue dogs for three hours!

Nate Epstein, the shelter employee working the front desk when Hamm walked in, said he was blown away by the Mad Men star’s incredible act of charity.

“I look up and I see Jon Hamm walking through the door. I couldn’t believe it! He walked into the shelter without saying a word, went straight over to the dog kennels, and immediately dropped down and began doing a long string of push-ups in complete silence for the next three hours. It was one of the nicest things I’ve ever seen anyone do!”

Awesome! These pups were blown away by 180 straight minutes of Jon Hamm doing push ups!

Those present to witness the star’s selfless act of charity said that after three straight hours of doing push-ups for the shelter dogs, Jon Hamm went out of his way to stand in front of the dogs and shout out an arbitrary list of Mad Men characters.

Shelter director Margaret Albrecht recalled how moved she was by Hamm’s act of philanthropy.

“As if the endless sequence of push-ups wasn’t generous enough, after Jon was finished, he stood up and started shouting the names of different characters from Mad Men. He looked right at the dogs and shouted, ‘Pete Campbell! Trudy! Peggy! The guy who died! Joan! Don Draper! Roger Sterling! Trudy! Sally Draper!’ And then he just turned around and left. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, and of course, the shelter dogs loved it.”

Talk about going above and beyond! It’s inspiring to see celebrities give back to their communities like this. If only more famous people would follow Hamm’s lead.

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4 Reasons Fostering A Pet Is The Perfect Way For Millennials To Give Back

4 Reasons Fostering A Pet Is The Perfect Way For Millennials To Give Back

Fostering a pet is the best of both worlds. You get to love and spoil an animal in need, but with a fraction of the responsibility of owning your own pet.

Animal rescues and shelters all over the country have foster programs in need of more volunteers.

Fosters providetemporary homes foranimals includinginfant kittens, rambunctious puppies and 16-year-old grumpy cats that need a vacation from shelter life.

While it is life-saving work, fostering also has some surprising perks:

Fostering offers all the benefits of having a pet without the life-long commitment.

You can cuddle with them at night, show them off to your friends and spoil them with treats and human food.And when their stint in the shelter is over, you get towatch them go home with their forever family.

Sure,you may cry every time you drop your foster pets off at an adoption event,but theres something special about knowing you were the person whotaught this animal which may have had a rough life so far humans can be trusted.

Plus, as you chase after your foster puppy cleaning up accidents, you canlook at the silver lining. And that silver lining, for you, is that this chaos is temporary.

Fostering is like Tinder for potential pets.

The foster dog that eats your couch cushion feels oddly reminiscent of the Tinder guy whostood you up at ACL Festival in 2014.

OK, maybe not quite, but fostering does allow you to get to know all sorts of animal personalities so you can determine what will work long-term with your lifestyle.

Even if you arent planning to adopt eventually, fostering gives you the chance to have short-term matches with pets that are perfect for the various areas of your life.

One month, you might need a mellow, cuddly cat for a Netflix and Chill phase. The next month, you mightbe seeking an energetic buddy to accompany you on hikes as the weather cools off.

While Ive enjoyed my time with every foster animal Ive ever had,the variety of personalities I have cared for taught mea thing or two about what I wanted in the dog I would someday adopt.

When I met that dog (foster pet number 27), I knew I needed him as much as he needed me.

Fostering offerscompanionship without the cost and pressure.

At many shelters, food, toys and medical care are covered by the shelter. You can foster as frequently or infrequently as you would like, so if you have a vacation or busy time at work coming up, you can decline to take on a new foster.

Many shelters just send out email blasts to their foster networks when a foster is needed, and you respond if you are available.

For college students or young professionals, this is the perfect situation if you arent sure you can commit to taking care of a pet foreverbecause of a frequently changing schedule.

One semester you may have the ability to come home and relax between every class. That could be the semester you can answer the call for puppies or bottle feed baby kittens in need.

Or, if you are fresh out of college and working unpredictable hours at a new job, a pair of self-sufficient, elderly cats might be ideal.

Though you can foster again and again, each time is a once-in-a-lifetimeexperience.

From staying up all night to nurse a sick puppyback to health, to watching the joy of a family as they adopt your foster pet (from a safe distance because youre crying like a jealous toddler watching someone play with their toys), fostering is a humbling and surprisingly profound experience.

On top of all the fun, the pee, the cuddles and the puppy breath kisses, whenyou foster, you are both improving a life of the foster pet in your home andsaving the life of the animal taking its place in the shelter.

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Human Takes His Dog On Epic Adventures, Proves That Dogs Are The Best Travel Buddies

Human Takes His Dog On Epic Adventures, Proves That Dogs Are The Best Travel Buddies

This is Aspen, a Golden Retriever from Colorado who proves that not only are dogs man’s best friends, they also make the best travelling buddies.

Aspen lives in Colorado with Hunter Lawrence, his owner and personal photographer, and whether he’s kayaking, hiking, swimming in crystal clear mountain lakes or cruising around in a VW Camper, Aspen loves nothing more than getting back to nature. Except for posing for pictures that is.

Hunter and his wife adopted Aspen when he was just six-weeks old, and since then he’s traveled to eight different states. His enviable adventures have earned him a sizable following on Instagram (almost 95 thousand and counting), but he allows his owner to run his account for him so he can spend more time doing what he does best: exploring the Colorado wilderness.

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How They Found This Dog Turned My Stomach. But The End… WHOA. No Words.

How They Found This Dog Turned My Stomach. But The End... WHOA. No Words.

When Little Thomas was found by the Vancouver Island Dogs Rescue Society, he had a severe case of mange. It was so bad that his skin was just sloughing off and his body’s immune system was extremely weak. The society stepped in immediately to save him. By using the combination of medicated baths, medicine and a little TLC, Little Thomas experienced a drastic change. It just took him one month to completely transform into the dog you’ll eventually see below. It’s amazing.

This is what Thomas looked like when he was first brought in.

Absolutely painful.

The mange made all of his skin look painful.

The rescue used Kimberly Matalas “Feel Better” bath products to help battle the mange.

All the while, they bolstered Little Thomas’s immune system.

“We use Kimberly Matalas “Feel Better” bath products to help topically, they are treated for what else it is that are ailing them, put them on a high quality food and then you are cautious with what exposure the dog receives depending on the severity of his health. It’s about boosting the immune system while fighting the immediate sores and problem areas.”

Whatever they did worked!

To help protect his skin, Thomas would wear this onesie around.

Demodectic mange, what Little Thomas had, isn’t contagious and this treatment worked for him.

Sarcoptic is HIGHLY contagious.

After being treated and cleared by the vet, Thomas is healing with the help of his foster family.

(The treatment includes lots of love.)

It’s difficult not to be blown away by this one month of progress.

Source: Reddit Thank you to the original poster of this touching story and the rescue she works with. Every day they are helping to heal animals in need and educate others on how to do the very same thing. It’s inspiring. To learn more about the speciality Matalas products used to treat his mange, click here. Share this sweet rescue with others. Maybe you’ll inspire someone to reach out a helping hand to an animal in need!

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Domesticated Dogs Most Likely Originated in Europe Nearly 19,000 Years Ago

Most people know that the dogs people keep today as pets came from wolves, but it hasn’t been entirely clear when humans first started domesticating them. Some believe that dogs were domesticated around 10,000 years ago by groups that were settling and discovering agriculture, but new genetic data shows that the domestication was actually closer to 19,000 years ago in Europe. This study was completed by researchers at UCLA and was published this week in Science as the cover story.

The team compared the mitochondrial genomes of 18 prehistoric canids with 49 modern wolves, 77 modern dogs of a variety of breeds, 3 ancient Chinese dog breeds, and 4 coyotes. The information was used to make a phylogenetic tree to determine when domesticated dogs diverged from gray wolves. It was estimated that the split occurred about 18,800 years ago. Despite the deep history of dog domestication, around 4 out of 5 modern breeds have come about due to artificial selection within the last few hundred years. The oldest remains that resemble modern day dogs were found in Russia and date back 15,000 years, though he oldest wolf remains are about 36,000 years old and were found in Europe.

It might seem odd that humans were able to tame such fierce predators, but there was probably a lot for wolves to gain. At that point humans were still hunter/gatherers and likely had a lot of leftover animal product from hunts that the wolves were able to eat. Over time, the animals probably got comfortable around the humans and ultimately, a friendship was forged and humans were able to train the wolves.

Different hunter/gather groups likely began to influence the appearance of the wolves, as they became reproductively isolated. There are modern migratory wolves that do not mate with wolves that stay in the same general location, and the researchers believe that a similar situation might have happened with the first domesticated wolves.

This study found that modern domesticated dogs align more closely with ancient groups out of Europe, which challenges ideas that state domestic dogs originated in the Middle East or Asia. However, this does not answer all of the questions about where man’s best friend came from. Future research will compare nuclear genomes of more dogs, which have about 100,000 times more base pairs to compare.

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