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Charlie Hebdo unveils first cover since attack

Charlie Hebdo unveils first cover since attack

Here’s the first cover of the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo since Friday’s terror attacks in Paris:

Well said.

Flashback. Charlie Hebdo’s offices in Paris were targeted by Islamic terrorists earlier this year:

Sally Kohn gets schooled after comparing #ChapelHillShooting to the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack

NY Daily News publishes pics of Jordanian pilot and Kim Kardashians butt, but not the Charlie Hebdo cover

Christopher Hayes cant find Charlie Hebdo cartoons on RNCs site; Has he checked MSNBC?

Member of NATO, folks: Turkey raids paper over Charlie Hebdo cartoons; Erdoan blames the West for Paris attack

WaPo ponders: Why didnt Frances strict gun laws save #CharlieHebdo victims?

French police now linking #CharlieHebdo attack to yesterdays murder of a policewoman

Twitchy coverage of Charlie Hebdo

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