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Google to Political Campaigns: Get Online, Now

Google to Political Campaigns: Get Online, Now


Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have been pouring money into television — long considered the most crucial place for a political campaign to advertise — to the tune of at least $125 million combined. However, Google is urging all political candidates not to overlook the importance of online advertising.

Google released on Tuesday the below infographic which shows how people’s appetite for media is changing — an evolution the company argues means that political advertising should change, too:

Google has been proselytizing the Internet’s political potential in “Four Screens to Victory,” an informational campaign which began in March. Throughout the campaign, Google has stressed the need for politicians to pay attention to the web and mobile devices, lest their message is lost given the increasing number of people who pay little attention to television in favor of personal computers and mobile devices.

“Access to political information no longer comes from one place — or one screen,” wrote Google in a blog post on Tuesday. “In just the four years since the last presidential election, the continued growth of the web and the proliferation of mobile devices has radically transformed when, where, and how voters access political information.”

To support that claim, Google published data about the increasing importance of the Internet and mobile devices vis-à-vis television, including:

1. More than 80% of eligible voters are online.
2. Similarly, 83% of mobile phone owners are registered voters.
3. One out of every 3 likely voters in November say that they didn’t watch television in the past week.
4. Voters are spending more media time on their mobile devices than with newspapers & magazines combined.

Google, of course, owns YouTube (a popular platform for campaigns to publish online videos) and sells online advertising, so it has a financial interest in convincing campaigns to bolster their web presence.

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have been spending unprecedented amounts of money on digital. A recent analysis by the marketing blog ClickZ found that the Obama and Romney campaigns are spending about 25% of their TV ad budget on digital — but should they be spending more? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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President Obama Officially Met His Goal Of Welcoming In 10,000 Syrian Refugees

President Obama Officially Met His Goal Of Welcoming In 10,000 Syrian Refugees

Last year, the Obama administration announced it would accept at least 10,000 Syrian refugees in 2016, and it will reportedly achieve this goal on Monday, CNN reports.

This might seem like a large number to accept, but its only a fraction of the total number of Syrian refugees:around 4.8 million.

On Sunday, the US ambassador to Jordan, Alice Wells, stated,

Thanks to careful coordination between the Departments of State, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services, we are able to announce that in the next 24 hours we will have met President Obamas goal of resettling 10,000 Syrian refugees to the United States by the end of this fiscal year.

The United States government is deeply committed to safeguarding the American public, just as we are committed to providing refuge to some of the worlds most vulnerable people. We do not believe these goals are mutually exclusive.

There are some in the US who believe accepting refugees puts the US at a higher risk of experiencing terror attacks.

Donald Trump, in particular, has frequently painted Syrian refugees as especially dangerous.

But the screening process for refugees is very extensive and stringent, lasting 18 to 24 months on average before they are approved for admission to the US.

As Alice Wells stated,

Refugees are the most thoroughly screened category of travelers to the United States, and Syrian refugees are subject to even greater scrutiny.

In other words, there is not a huge dangerin accepting Syrian refugees, as some politicians have attempted to argue.

There is also a case to be made the US could accept even more refugees.

With over 20 million refugees worldwide, we are currently witnessing the worst refugee crisis since World War II.

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Politibetch: The White House Refuses to Deport Bieber & Other News

Politibetch: The White House Refuses to Deport Bieber & Other News

Happy Monday, betches. Here's the important political news you've been waiting for:

The White House responds to petition to deport Justin Bieber

Well sort of. The White House’s official comment was that they had no comment. Such a fucking let down. Justin will continue to douche up the American music industry after all. Read article>>

A Very Obama Easter

This past Sunday was the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. WTF's an egg roll? Well apparently it's when the kids roll an Easter egg across the lawn with a spoon to see who gets across the fastest (or, in other words, nothing that exciting). When addressing the crowd, Obama said that the egg roll was the biggest event the White House has held all year…which is kind of fucking sad if you ask me. The first lady also read a book to the children called “my garden” and encouraged the kids to see her vegetable garden and learn about “tasty, healthy foods”. Never an inappropriate time for a political plug! We get it Michelle, you want to fight obesity and blah blah blah, but you can at least take Easter off (a holiday almost exclusively dedicated to candy) from making the fat kids feel bad about themselves. Read article>>

Biden is heading to Ukraine

Joe Biden is headed to Ukraine to, we assume, offend even more people with his word vomit and inappropriate comments. That said, forcing the invading Russians deal with Biden just HAS TO be part of Obama's sanctions. That or Obama is just sick of dealing with him and uses anything as an excuse to get him out of the country. “Yea, go to Ukraine. You'll be SOOO much help there!” Obama's motivations aside, we might actually be able to get something out of this. Official threat to Putin: give back Crimea or Biden stays. Shit will be straightened out in no time flat. Read article>>

The Heartbleed virus causes problems for has obviously been plagued with problems from the beginning. I mean, I haven't seen Facebook go down once but goes down all the fucking time…what's the deal? Now a cyber security scare caused by the Heartbleed virus is forcing users of the site to change their passwords. Again, this is a website operated by the federal government. You would think, or at least hope, that shit would be more protected than that. As we've said before, if the government can (allegedly) tap everyone's phones and monitor everyone's email, we should also be able to keep running smoothly for, like, 5 fucking minutes. Seriously,, get your shit together. Read article>>

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President Obama Singing Slow Jams With Jimmy Fallon Will Make Your Day

President Obama Singing Slow Jams With Jimmy Fallon Will Make Your Day

President Barack Obama, aka Commander in Chief, aka Baracky with the good hair, has been on a tear in the last year of his term.

He’s ripped everyone in front of their faces at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and proceeded into a Kobe-like mic drop. He’s gone around the country to give his last round of commencement speeches the greatest of which, in this writer’s unbiased opinion, was his appearance at Rutgers.

He’smade a commercial with Steph Curry, shown more of his magic touch with babies and along the way, he’s continued to lose more and more of his filter.

On Thursday, he continued his victory lap with an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to headline one of the show’s best segments, Slow Jam the News, but a with a twist.

The “Prez dispenser,” as Fallon called him, didn’t really go out there to slow jam any news. Nah, forget all that. He went out there to unapologetically slow jam his own praises, which in some ways is even funnier because of the sheer shamelessness required to do it.

And if that doesn’t entertain you, Jimmy’s ad-lib sexual innuendos should. Check out President Obama slow jam to the news in the player above.

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