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7 ‘World of Warcraft’ Weddings You Won’t Believe

7 'World of Warcraft' Weddings You Won't Believe


World of Warcraft is known for its dedicated fan base, and we do mean dedicated. That South Park episode parodying how much players invest in the game isn’t much of an exaggeration for some people.

Regardless of your addiction level, the game offers a virtual world where you can form complex relationships and alliances with your fellow players. Marriage is just the next step.

WoW doesn’t have an official system to link two characters or accounts in digital matrimony, but that hasn’t stopped some players from getting hitched anyway. In fact, some guilds manage to pull off some pretty swanky events, and just like IRL (in real life, for you non-gamers), the wedding ceremonies usually end with some serious partying.

Here are our top seven picks for WoW weddings: the good, the bad and the ridiculous. Let us know your favorite in the comments below.

1. The Beautiful Ceremony

Here we have a beautiful World of Warcraft wedding video made by YouTube user Spotcats. As silly as it may seem, this is actually an awesome video, complete with a heartwarming soundtrack (the ceremony is set to “From This Moment On” by Shania Twain — classic — and the reception includes “A Matter of Trust” by Billy Joel).

Nicely done, Spotcats.

2. The Wedding Crashers

When these two wedding crashers stumble upon what they think is a role-play wedding, they watch the ceremony, take part in a fireworks celebration and then one of them jokingly objects.

Then they discover that the couple had actually met through WoW and were getting married in real life. Oopsie.

3. The Irreverent Celebration

Warning: NSFW language.

Most of this ceremony is in Swedish, but it doesn’t take a linguist to realize that this is the least religious ceremony to ever take place, especially when the groom motorboats the bride and whole wedding party goes for a “sexy” dip in a nearby fountain.

Other highlights include a lot of celebratory fistpumping, the mourning of a dead squirrel and the priest’s weird dirty dancing when the group goes to celebrate.

4. The Unruly Guest

This is actually quite a lovely video, with the possible exception of the gnome who keeps trying to mack on the bride and is insulted when she actually goes through with the wedding. This is a good example for why you should be very selective when inviting people to your fake wedding.

5. The Dragon-Bearers

Here’s another set of crashers, with a twist. When this group decided they wanted to crash the wedding, they knew there was only one way to go: dragons.

Watch them get accustomed to their new dragon bodies, troll the wedding and then start an orgy with the other guests. Now isn’t that the strangest sentence you’ve ever read?

6. The Matrimonial Massacre

It started out like a fairytale — a dream wedding in the picturesque Stormwind Cathedral … until a horde raids the party and kills everyone involved. We apologize for any Red Wedding-related flashbacks this may have caused.

7. The Wedding Singers

While this couple chose a lovely spot for their nuptials, we can’t help but doubt their music choices. The epic battle march in the opening shots seemed out of place — that is, until we heard Barry White playing during the ceremony, which drained the romance and instead made it seem like stuff was about to get weird.

The best moment, however, has to be the heartfelt duet to Aerosmith’s “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” between the bride and groom. Now that’s a touching moment we’re glad we didn’t miss.

Mashable composite: image courtesy of Flickr, sobcontrollers

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Square Tweets Ultimate Humblebrag: $10 Billion in Payments a Year

Square Tweets Ultimate Humblebrag: $10 Billion in Payments a Year


Tweets that use the word “humble” in conjunction with an incredible boast are top targets for one of Twitter’s favorite hashtags: #humblebrag. Jack Dorsey’s mobile payments company Square offered a prime example of the genre Wednesday, when it announced that the company had hit a whopping $10 billion in money processed per year.

Still, if any milestone was worth humblebragging about, this one is it. A year ago, Square was processing $2 billion in payments per year. It took five more months to hit the $5 billion per year milestone.

To have doubled its annualized transactions in just seven months is a testament to the success of Dorsey’s platform, based on a dongle you plug into your smartphone or tablet and lets anyone swipe a credit card to pay you.

It’s particularly impressive given that Square is facing an increasing number of competitors in the dongle-based payment industry, from Paypal to Groupon to Bank of America. But Square is a surprisingly nimble 800-lb. gorilla in this space, where it seems important to be the one to get your platform out first.

Just in the last few weeks, Starbucks announced a Square partnership, and the payments company moved into the Canadian market. Square is now valued at more than $3 billion. Perhaps Dorsey can celebrate the milestone by favoring us with another display of power tweeting.

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Microsoft: Windows 8 to Go On Sale Oct. 26

Microsoft: Windows 8 to Go On Sale Oct. 26


Microsoft on Wednesday announced a release date of Oct. 26 for the consumer release of Windows 8.

The company had previously announced a “late October” launch date for the new OS, but Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows and Windows Live unit at Microsoft announced the more specific date at the company’s annual sales meeting.

The date was updated on Windows 8’s Wikipedia page within minutes of the announcement.

Meanwhile, the “RTM” (Release to Manufacturing) version of Win 8 is set to hit the first week of August. The dates are not particularly surprising, since the Redmond software giant typically delivers operating system updates in October. Still, there was always the worry, especially among Microsoft partners that are anxious to bundle the latest OS in their new computers and tablets, that the Metro-design-sporting update could ship too late for inclusion in holiday-buying-season systems. Microsoft revealed its schedule during its annual Windows Partner conference in Toronto.

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced an aggressive upgrade pricing model. Users running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 can upgrade to Windows 8 Professional for just $39.99 via an online download. Some earlier reports indicated that Microsoft would no longer provide retail box copies of Windows 8 (aside from some upgrade DVDs), but Microsoft didn’t address store availability in its blog post on the subject.

Not only will Windows 8 ship on partner devices in late October, but the company revealed that Windows 8 will, at the same time, ship in 109 countries and 231 languages.

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7 Space Simulators That Let You Explore the Universe

7 Space Simulators That Let You Explore the Universe


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App Could Help Find Replacement for Your Dead Pet

App Could Help Find Replacement for Your Dead Pet


Image: Mashable, Christina Ascani

Losing a pet is one of the most difficult experiences we go through. And finding a new four-legged friend can be daunting. But a new iOS app wants to make it easier for you to find replacement pets— provided you’re looking for a near-identical match.

PetMatch uses image recognition to find adoptable cats and dogs that look like pets in any given picture. Though Superfish, the company behind the app, isn’t exactly touting it as a search engine to replace dead pets— the company describes it as a tool to find your “picture perfect pet” — the app will no doubt prove useful to parents who don’t want to tell the kids what really happened to Fluffy.

When users upload a photo of a cat or dog, the app compares the image to photos of nearby animals currently up for adoption. The results supposedly display photos of lookalike animals as well as relevant shelter or adoption agency info. Users not looking for an exact match of a former pet can also browse the app’s gallery of adoptable pets.

“Our sophisticated algorithms (and our registered patents) allow us to analyze every picture and provide similar and near identical images in real time – no text tags, no human involvement,” the company writes on its website, adding that their platform can handle up to 2,000 searches a second.

petmatch app screens

The PetMatch app matches users with adoptable pets based on uploaded photos.

Image: Superfish

Right now, the free app seems to be more conceptual than practical. A search for a white kitten from the app’s gallery, for example, turned up several other white cats — all at shelters hundreds of miles away.

The app also seems to rely heavily on the pet being positioned in the center of the frame. I uploaded a photo of a friend’s cat, who happens to be all black, and the app turned up photos of other black cats sitting in a similar position as the one in my photograph— none of which were closer than a few hundred miles away. Another search based on an adult grey tuxedo cat returned ginger and tabby kittens.

Superfish has another image-based search app in the works, WindowShopper, which allows users to upload photos of products in order to find similar items in online stores.

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