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Speculation mounts about why Edward Snowden chose to hide in Hong Kong!/misscherryjones/status/343831714604396544

Many are curious as to why Hong Kong was Edward Snowden’s refuge of choice after blowing the whistle on the NSA’s surveillance operation.!/antruongle/status/343830776468615168!/JessePesta/status/343828891816820736!/rlacombe_fr/status/343814808262541312!/JustSikko/status/343798113733066753!/grahamclark/status/343831720103120897!/L0gg0l/status/343835453700587520

And some wonder if he is really there.!/OrwellUpgraded/status/343831927746359296


Guardian identifies NSA source as 29-year-old Edward Snowden

‘My holidays to the USA ruined!’: @EdwardSnowden mistaken for NSA leaker

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