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Former Ad Exec Takes Shot at Coca-Cola in ‘Real Bears’ Music Video

Former Ad Exec Takes Shot at Coca-Cola in 'Real Bears' Music Video


Alex Bogusky — partner at Crispin Porter + Bogusky — famously left the industry two years ago to find a “more genuine version” of himself. Apparently he has fulfilled that mission.

The iconic exec has surfaced again with a video that takes a shot at former CPB client, Coca-Cola. The video above, done on behalf of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, illustrates the pitfalls of drinking too much sugary soda. Though the video doesn’t mention Coke, it does feature a family of polar bears that bear a strong resemblance to Coke’s iconic mascots.

Over the course of the video, set to the Jason Mraz pop song “Sugar,” the bears split seams on their hides and become too fat to fish. Eventually, the bears start requiring insulin and experience tooth decay and erectile dysfunction. Things get worse: The papa bear has to get his leg amputated because of his diabetes. In the ad’s conclusion, the family dump the vile soda into the sea.

Coca-Cola offered the following statement on the video: “This is irresponsible and the usual grandstanding from CSPI. It won’t help anyone understand energy balance, which is key according to recognized experts who’ve studied this issue — a group that, by default, doesn’t include CSPI.”

This isn’t the first time Bogusky has bit the hand that formerly fed him: He also raised eyebrows with a book called the “9-Inch Diet” that took issue with fast food chains including Burger King, a former client.

What do you think? Was this video effective? Let us know in the comments.

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Joint Chiefs Chairman Says Military Force Might Not Work In Syria

Joint Chiefs Chairman Says Military Force Might Not Work In Syria

Gen. Martin Dempsey speaking to troops in Tokyo. Yuya Shino / Reuters

WASHINGTON — The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said on Tuesday that the military was prepared to take action in Syria after intelligence showed that the Assad regime may have used chemical weapons, but that he isn’t convinced military intervention would produce the desired outcome.

“Whether the military effect would produce the kind of outcome that not just members of Congress but all of us would desire — which is an end to the violence, some kind of political reconciliation among the parties and a stable Syria — that’s the reason I’ve been cautious, is the right word, about the application of the military instrument of power, because it’s not clear to me that it would produce that outcome,” Dempsey said at a lunch with reporters.

“That said, options are ready,” Dempsey said. “If either it becomes clear to me, or I’m ordered to do, so we will act.”

Dempsey, who just returned from a 10-day trip abroad to Asia, declined to specifically address what President Obama said on Tuesday about whether or not the United States will intervene in Syria; “I won’t go into detail about what those options might be,” for possible intervention, Obama said at a press conference. But Dempsey said that the military’s posture on the issue has not changed.

“Nothing I’ve heard in the last week or so has changed anything about the actions we’re taking in the military,” Dempsey said. “We’ve been planning and we’ve been developing options. We’re looking to determine whether these options remain valid as the conditions change.”

Dempsey warned that the Syrian situation isn’t quite analogous to Libya just before the fall of Moammar Qaddafi, because of the Syrian army’s superior air force.

“The air defense picture in Libya was dramatically different than it is in Syria,” Dempsey said. “In Syria there are five times more air defense systems, some of which are high end air defense systems. The US military has the capability to defeat that system, but it would be a greater challenge, take longer, and require more resources.”

Dempsey sounded cautious about implementing the no-fly zone for which some members of Congress such as John McCain have argued, saying that there were several disadvantages to doing so.

“To be effective, a no-fly zone would have to have several elements,” Dempsey said. “We would have to knock down some of the integrated air defense system of an adversary.”

“They could in fact take exception to the fact that we were enaciting a no-fly zone and then act outside of their borders,” he said.

“We’re kind of the victims of our own success,” he said. “We’ve made the very difficult look very manageable for a very long time.”

Dempsey said he didn’t recall when the initial intelligence about chemical weapons being possibly used by the Assad regime became available, and couldn’t specify what the physiological samples were composed of. Like Obama, he said that the chain of custody on the weapons hadn’t yet been established.

He didn’t say whether the “red line” in Syria been crossed.

“I don’t set red lines,” Dempsey said. But, “I’m a member of the National Security Council so I do have the opportunity to express my personal judgments as these issues evolve.”

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The Most Heartwarming Moment In U.S.–Russia Relations Ever

The Most Heartwarming Moment In U.S.–Russia Relations Ever

1. These days, the Obama administration is experiencing some of the coldest relations with Russia in decades.


But it wasn’t always this way.

2. In 1995, Russia’s first president, Boris Yeltsin visited New York to give a speech at the United Nations.

3. While in NYC, Yeltsin met with President Clinton and the two really hit it off. Media at the time predicted the meeting would be a disaster.

4. At a press conference after the meeting, Yeltsin, speaking directly to the press, mentioned the doom and gloom predictions.

This got Clinton chuckling.

5. He said to the journalists: “What you were writing was that today’s meeting with President Bill Clinton was going to be a disaster.”

6. “Well, now for the first time, I can tell you that you’re a disaster. “

7. Yeltsin calling the press a “disaster” got Clinton LOLing.

8. Clinton asked the press to attribute the quote correctly.

9. Then laughed so much that he cried.

10. And Yeltsin started cracking up when Clinton gave him a bro-hug.

11. And then they both started crying.

12. And this is how they left the stage:

13. And everyone left the press conference happy about the U.S.A. and Russia, except this guard.

14. If you have one miunute, you should watch this video to feel better about the world:

15. And Obama says:


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