20 thoughts on “Oh, The Look On Her Face

  1. oh honey……..

  2. Cut me some Jack, slack.

  3. I could never be a teacher. If I walked into my classroom and a kid drew a bunch of dicks on my board I’d probably laugh and draw one too.


  5. You knew the word synonymous but not what ‘jacking off’ meant?

  6. I usually don’t find this meme all that interesting but this one was a doozy. +1 for you OP.

  7. This was me. Got real weird around middle school and I thought you could use the 2 interchangeably still.

  8. I called my mom a horror because I thought it meant ugly/mean. I’ll never forget that day.

  9. So what did you do friday?

  10. Stand proud, young blood. Stand proud.

  11. I just favorited this image for this comment.

  12. Yeah this is a lie

  13. I think the teacher would appreciate that level of honesty

  14. wait, it isn’t the same?

  15. Oh, if only this were real.

  16. When you saw her face…

  17. Wait, it doesn’t mean that!?

  18. My up vote was worth one point!

  19. I could do that.

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