19 thoughts on “Now is the time to spank

  1. Jim totally wants Anne now.

  2. That man is obviously a sexist because of that horrible tie

  3. I’d tap it

  4. A good kid who grew up to become a bad girl.

  5. Pretty good kid, pretty naughty adult

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA that’s really

  7. mmm

  8. Maybe a good kid, but is a now a “Bad, bad girl”.

  9. Is it ever not the time to spank?

  10. And I bet now you’ve been very naughty.

  11. I’d spank that pixel

  12. The lines get more blurred the more this gets reposted

  13. Quality journalism from Fox as always.

  14. It seems for the first time, I enjoyed fox news!

  15. I honestly thought there was some Jim Carry in-joke I was unaware of for a minute.

  16. This is news.

  17. 6

  18. Interesting story, really, a nice read, but there is no evidence for this. Also all people would be more attracted by dressed women.

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