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Kevin Sorbo: ‘How’s that global warming thing going?’

Kevin Sorbo: ‘How’s that global warming thing going?’!/ksorbs/status/378754757977849856

We thought that global warming was an undisputed fact. After all, every single person at NASA and 97 percent of other scientists believe it’s true: #ScienceSaysSo, remember? Then again, the same people who sent out that tweet also insisted that expanded gun control measures had the full support of 92 percent of the population, and yet voters turned out in force in Colorado this week to recall the politicians who pushed those measures through.!/Anthony_Lev/status/378904570006499328

But … 97 percent “accept the science” of climate change!!/BarackObama/status/366971531420659713

Is it so hard to “accept the reality” that some climate change is good?!/jtidyman/status/378896636534980609

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