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! Is Ezra Klein suggesting that ‘some men take birth control?’

! Is Ezra Klein suggesting that ‘some men take birth control?’!/MikeMadden/status/513018776976375808

Phrasing matters. Evidently Ezra Klein hasn’t quite figured that out yet:

Actually, I think a lot of men who don’t take birth control should know these facts too:

— Ezra Klein (@ezraklein) September 19, 2014

What kind of men is Ezra hanging out with?

@ezraklein men "take" birth control?

— righteous axe (@righteousaxe) September 19, 2014

Some men take birth control? Ok.

— Kathleen McKinley (@KatMcKinley) September 19, 2014

And now, the exit question that’s on everyone’s mind:

@ezraklein Are you among those who do?

— Not Sure (@dustopian) September 19, 2014



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