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How To Make Yourself Hallucinate Without Taking Any Drugs

Aldous Huxley used to ponder how our minds could reachtheir beautifully infinite potential, but only when we learn how to overcome our limited senses and perception. Then again, he came to that conclusion after taking mind-blowing amounts of the hallucinogenicdrug mescaline.But what if you could experience a mind-expanding psychedelic trip, without the need for illegal chemicals, bad trips, and an existential crisis?

This video from the guys at Scam Schoolshows how you experience hallucinationswith just a few sheets of white paper, cotton pads, rubber bands, headphones, and anyYouTube video of white noise that is at least 30 minutes long.

It’s all based on something called the Ganzfeld Effect. This concept is used in psychology to describe the human mind’s propensity to find structure and pattern in unstructured stimuli. It is surprisingly simple, and has been used by artists and scientists alike to find and explore new channels of thought andideas.

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