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Have a fun 4th of July! (Unless you’re at this park in Lakewood, Ohio)

Actually, I wish this sort of over-regulation were restricted to one park in Ohio. Unfortunately, I imagine most of us wouldn’t be overly surprised to see this sign in our own town.

Have a Fun 4th

So, here’s to freedom…to break the rules! Spike your lemonade, tell the cops they can’t search your backpack, and maybe even — dare I suggest it?! — bounce a basketball…

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5 thoughts on “Have a fun 4th of July! (Unless you’re at this park in Lakewood, Ohio)

  1. I love how all the Nanny State types over on FB don’t seem to get why these rules are a problem. People shouldn’t expect to have “FUN” in a civilized society. We’ve outgrown such primitive concepts. If you can’t be content just sitting quietly and staring at one another in a park, you should move to Russia or something.

  2. I see they missed ‘No Smiling’, ‘Tepid, Non-Effervescent Beverages in Sippy Cups Only’ and ‘Holiday Enjoyment Will Be Subject To Fines and/or Severe Beatings’.

  3. *BUZZER* Sorry friend, but you appear to have injected politics into a subject having nothing to do with it, which is a Class 3 Internet Offense. 10 points from Gryffindor.

  4. My soul died reading this.

  5. Do not taunt “Happy Fun Ball.”

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