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Community Post: 23 Ways To Know You’re A Super Senior

Community Post: 23 Ways To Know You're A Super Senior

1. Your views on college life are becoming… strange… and confusing

2. For example, ‘so over this ‘school’ thing’…

…you say as you apply to grad school

3. But what do you care? Classes are so easy now

4. …Except when you see math on the blackboard

5. At least physics makes more sense now

6. And you’ve learn all the secrets to the perfect tailgate

7. Though your style has diminished over the years

8. And, admittedly… you’ve gained some weight

9. But whatever, you know you’re the coolest shit on campus

10. Example: 40’s now separate the winners from the freshman

Freshman be like ‘get me a shot,’ and super seniors be like ‘fuck you, I’m drunk’

11. Unfortunately, the realization of graduation is upon you

12. Example: You haven’t been to a dentist in years

And you’re terrified of what will happen if you go back

13. And soon all your hair will be chopped off for interviews

(But until then, you’re feeling sexy as hell)

14. Your sweet high school ride is starting to feel… old

15. The realization that your degree wasn’t as useful as you thought it was

16. And The Hunger Games has become a defining part of your character

along with Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect, and Breaking Bad… as Walt would say ‘Get your shit together Carol! I can see your toner through those jeans!’

17. You look at your loan statements for the first time

18. And you still work for minimum wage…

…but you’ve learned to get by

19. You’re forced to take an 8 AM to graduate

20. Your diet has changed

It’s called dinner

21. In fact, college has actually made you dumber

22. But that’s OK, the secrets of life have revealed themselves to you

23. So enjoy your 5th year!

because the real world sucksss

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