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Homeless Woman Saves Dog, Then Saw The Note That Changed Her Life

Homeless Woman Saves Dog, Then Saw The Note That Changed Her Life

Joey was a good natured Pointer mix. Lisa Snyder found him one day. He had been tied to a pole for hours, but finally broke himself free.

Lisa found him and he was very frightened. He was barking at strangers. Lisa was nice to him and what followed is pretty amazing.

It was a three-mile walk for Lisa in order to make sure Joey was going to be alright. Joey would go to a new home, with his forever famliy.

In turn, the city of San Pedro, California did something amazing for Lisa. Heres how Lisa tells it:

“I did what I was supposed to do. And it lead right down the path where it was supposed to go.”

The gift from the community was amazing and the lesson of helping one creature out and then giving help to that person is incredible. Really great story and great example of how many good people there really are out there.

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Broadway Legend Elaine Stritch Is Dead At 89

Broadway Legend Elaine Stritch Is Dead At 89

The celebrated actress and singer, who in recent years became known for her recurring role on the NBC comedy 30 Rock, died at her Michigan home on Thursday.

1. Elaine Stritch died at her home in Birmingham, Michigan on Thursday, July 17. She was 89.

Elaine Stritch died at her home in Birmingham, Michigan on Thursday, July 17. She was 89.

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AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Michelle Siu, file

Her death was confirmed by her friend Julie Keyes, the New York Times reported. Stritch moved to Michigan last year after years of living at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan.

3. The charismatic actress who began her career in 1940 starred in Broadway hits including “Elaine Stritch at Liberty” and “Show Boat,” and was nominated for multiple Tonys and Emmys, winning three of the latter.

The charismatic actress who began her career in 1940 starred in Broadway hits including "Elaine Stritch at Liberty" and "Show Boat," and was nominated for multiple Tonys and Emmys, winning three of the latter.

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The actress performing in “Elaine Stritch At Liberty” in 2002.

4. In recent years, Stritch was a beloved recurring character on the NBC comedy, 30 Rock, playing the bossy, goofy mother to Alec Baldwin’s character. She won an Emmy for the role in 2007.

Elaine Stritch @ElaineStritch

Will someone please explain this term 'Global Trending' to me. Is that like a disease? Goodbye, gang! See you soon.

8. In this New York Times video, Stritch said, “I don’t know what to say about humor, except thank god for it.”

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Poll: Obama losing ground to GOP challengers; Update: Rasmussen disagrees in part

Poll: Obama losing ground to GOP challengers; Update: Rasmussen disagrees in part!/newsstandwire/status/179161337765691392

National Journal on ABC/Washington Post poll, via

President Obama’s approval ratings have slipped, and he no longer leads Mitt Romney in a general-election matchup, according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll released early Monday that also shows Americans are split on whether the U.S. economy has begun to recover and what impact Obama’s policies have had.

The poll also shows a virtual tie between Romney and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum among Republican-leaning voters, though Republicans think Romney has the best chance to beat Obama and is most likely to win the nomination.

A 50-percent plurality of Americans now disapprove of the job Obama is doing, while just 46 percent approve. That is down from a 50-percent approval rating in early February, and it represents Obama’s lowest score on the question since the beginning of November.

Much more at the link.


WASHPOST: Record number of Americans now hold 'strongly negative' view on Obama…


Another update:

Poll Analysis: Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll – Romney only one beating Obama Romney 46% Obama 43% #tcot #teaparty

— Norsu (@Norsu2) March 12, 2012

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Stop Naming Nigeria’s Kidnapped Girls

Stop Naming Nigeria’s Kidnapped Girls

A list that claimed to name 180 kidnapped girls was released over the weekend. But is publicizing the girls’ names a good idea, or just playing politics?

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Photograph by Tom Saater for BuzzFeed

At first, there was mostly silence. The girls were stolen from their school dormitory in Chibok, a rural village in northeastern Nigeria, in the middle of the night, by masked men with guns, and almost nobody noticed.

Then came the outcry.

The Nigerian military claimed it had rescued most of the girls, but the school’s principal said it was untrue. Parents cried for help, and then tried to take care of it themselves. Fathers rented okadas and rode the motorcycles into the Sambisa forest, where the girls were believed to be held by Boko Haram, an armed Islamic separatist group that terrorizes northeastern Nigeria. Mothers threatened to storm the forest on foot, hoping that “as mothers, we are in a better position to have the sympathy and concern over the fate of the missing girls” than, perhaps, fathers. The parents’ desperation became a national cause, and hundreds of women rallied in the capital of Abuja and the metropolis of Lagos, demanding that the government do more to bring back the girls.

Then — and still — there was confusion. Just how many girls were kidnapped? Just how many girls had escaped? Just who, exactly, are these girls?

They are simple questions without simple answers. Nigeria’s kidnapped schoolgirls were stolen three weeks ago, on April 15, but it was only in the early days of May, after national rallies and national and international press attention, that Nigeria’s political elite began to respond properly.

Now that the country’s highest politicians are trying to catch up to the crisis, the simplest questions have become political, and the identities of the kidnapped girls have become tools for blame-shifting, as the military blames local officials for bad information, the president blames the parents of the kidnapped girls for withholding information, and middling politicians try to get some time in the spotlight. From the moment the girls were kidnapped, the response made it seem as if they were a problem Nigeria’s federal government didn’t want to deal with. For starters, no one knew exactly how many girls were missing. The first word from the government turned out to be untrue: The day after the kidnapping, the Nigerian military claimed to have rescued 107 of the girls. It said that 14 had escaped, and only 8 remained in captivity.

But the school principal, Asaba Kwambura, told the local media that the claim was a lie. “There is nothing in the military statement that is true about our abducted girls,” she said. The military formally retracted a claim that angered the girls’ parents and average Nigerians alike. “What kind of nonsense is this, for God’s sake?” one civil servant asked.

A few days later, after parents had counted among themselves, the number of missing girls was revised to 234. And this week, the police in Borno state, where the kidnapping took place, said the number was 328 — 54 of whom had escaped on their own, leaving 276 in the hands of Boko Haram. “The fact is that the number may likely change,” Borno state’s police commissioner, Tanko Lawan, said. Students from four other villages who’d come to take exams at Chibok, because going to school in their villages was too risky, and Lawan suspected their parents hadn’t yet connected any missing children to the April 15 kidnapping.

In confusion, apparently, is opportunity. As public outcry forced Nigeria’s political elite to engage the kidnapping, finger-pointing escalated.

In a presidential media chat, on Sunday, May 4, Jonathan insinuated that the parents of the kidnapped girls hadn’t cooperated with state or federal authorities’ efforts to rescue them. “What we request is maximum cooperation from the parents and the guardians of these girls,” he said.

Questions of identity also gave Jonathan’s wife, Patience, an opportunity to discredit the kidnapping story entirely. The same day the president held his presidential media chat, his wife met with the women leaders of the rallies that had put the kidnapping on the national agenda. Patience Jonathan bemoaned the kidnapping, publicly crying before television cameras that caught part of the meeting. But privately, she questioned the identity of one of the women who’d come to the meeting. Jonathan and a cabinet minister alleged that a woman had falsely represented herself as a mother of one of the kidnapped girls.

The woman, Naomi Mutah Nyadar (her name has been spelled with many variations in the national and international press), was arrested for that alleged misrepresentation after the meeting. When the police released her, they denied it had been an arrest at all, calling the detention an “interactive and fact-finding interview.” Among the facts the police claimed to have found was that Nyadar lived and worked in Abuja, as the deputy director of the National Directorate of Employment, a government agency.

But just days before, Nyadar had been speaking out publicly, leading a rally in Abuja, as a representative of the Kibaku Area Development Association (KADA), a development organization that was among the first to publicly demand action on behalf of the kidnapped girls.

“Our daughters were carried away by the insurgents like cows into the wilderness. If they are dead; we want to see their corpses,” she told one journalist at the rally.

Who Nyadar was — or who Patience Jonathan said she was — mattered. In the meeting, Jonathan used the story of Nyadar’s alleged impersonation to insinuate that the entire kidnapping was also a fraud.

“So my sisters, you can all see within them that they know what they are doing,” she said, implying a conspiracy among the Chibok mothers. “With what is happening now, will you believe that any children got missing?”

“No,” the women replied in chorus.

Jonathan continued, “So we, the Nigerian women, are saying that no child is missing in Borno State. If any child is missing, let the governor go and look for them.” Patience Jonathan’s cloaked denial wasn’t the first. On April 30, Kema Chikwe, the National Women Leader of the Peoples Democratic Party — Jonathan’s party and the ruling party in Nigeria — publicly questioned the kidnapping, according to the investigative news network Sahara Reporters. At a prayer meeting at the party’s headquarters, she asked: “How did it happen? Who saw it happen? Who did not see it happen? Who is behind this?”

Chikwe later denied she cast doubt on the kidnapping, excoriating the news network for its “mysterious political interpretation,” and released a copy of her remarks. (Sahara Reporters told BuzzFeed that the printed remarks released the day after the speech and the Sahara Reporters’ article did not match Chikwe’s comments as delivered.)

The government of Borno state, in turn, excoriated Chikwe. In a statement, governor’s spokesman Isa Gusau said Chikwe was undermining the efforts of the president, who had called a national security council meeting and later would set up a presidential committee to investigate what happened in Chibok and how best to rescue the girls. And as proof, he offered Chiwke a list of the girls’ names.

“[T]he Borno State Government has a comprehensive data that includes pictures of the missing students and those that returned, which the Government is ready to publish on Friday, May 2, 2014 if the Defence Headquarters which has since been managing information on counter-insurgency operations in the Northeast, gives the go ahead,” Gusau said in a statement on April 30.

But the defense ministry did not give the go-ahead. Instead, it dumped all communications about the matter on the Borno State government — until today, when the military announced, that it would give a 50 million naira, or about $300,000, reward for any information leading to the kidnapping, the same reward the Borno State governor announced more than two weeks ago.

Meanwhile, Borno police commissioner Lawan Tanko repeated Jonathan’s plea and the insinuation that parents might not be telling the truth. “We need the parents and guardians to come forward with genuine claims like names and photographs so that we can get the actual figure,” Lawan said.

The forum of state governors from the southeast on Sunday also joined the chorus of calls for a list of names, urging a public release of “the names and identities of the students … so that the whole nation would assist in the search.”

And then, on Sunday, May 5, a leading Nigerian evangelist simply came forward and released some names himself.

Matthew Owojaiye, the former chairman of the Northern States Christian Elders Forum and a member of the Christian Association of Nigeria, sent a list of 180 girls’ names to a major Nigerian newspaper; that paper, and most other major Nigerian outlets, published the names.

The names were disaggregated by religion, listing Christian and Muslim girls separately. It was also a partial list, though some local media interpreted the list as yet another revised figure for the total number of kidnapped girls.

The names were included at the end of a statement that said nothing about how the minister acquired the names, why he believed them to be accurate, or whether he was working with or speaking on behalf of the girls’ parents. The statement did, however, demand N50 million (about $300,000) in compensation for each girl’s trauma and suffering and scholarships for the girls to study abroad “by September 2014.”

The day after he publicized his list, Owojaiye all but retracted his statement. He called his comments “purely personal,” and said that the financial demands were only suggestions. “I have no wish to cause distress to the girls and their families,” he wrote in a statement.

But the names had already circulated widely. Most Nigerian newspapers had also published the list, and memorial art that incorporated the girls names quickly went viral, spreading across Twitter, under a hashtag whose utility critics have recently begun questioning.

But in the political fray of finger-pointing, and the international frenzy of “raising awareness,” no one seemed to have noticed perhaps the most important part the plea from the spokesman of the governor whose state the girls were kidnapped from:

“Our fear,” Gusau said in his April 30 statement, is that “to reveal names that would reveal religion and family backgrounds … could at the end, compromise the safety of these girls.” He also pointed out that publicizing the girls’ names could make it easier for Boko Haram to identify their parents and demand ransom, and he feared listing the names could undermine the rescue operation or simply become sensational.

And he was afraid that if any of the named girls managed to escape, or if Nigeria managed to rescue them, a public list would mark them for life.

“Abductions of girls are sometimes interpreted to mean automatic rape, [and] where the identity of these are revealed, they could be stigmatized even after being rescued,” he said.

Rescue may be looking more likely. The Nigerian military is sending four battalions to the region, and the United States Tuesday offered to send U.S. military and law enforcement personnel to assist in Nigeria’s operations.

But as Nigeria moves through the throes of blame-shifting, and the world increases its attention on a tiny village called Chibok, perhaps the easiest thing that everyone acting in the name of the kidnapped girls can do is simply not to name them.

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20 Of The Unhealthiest Fast Food Items You Can Possibly Eat

20 Of The Unhealthiest Fast Food Items You Can Possibly Eat

Fast food may be convenient for your time, but not for your health. These restaurants combine highly-processed foods with a ton of calories, fat, sodium, carbs and sugar to make an inexpensive meal.

While they may be good in the moment, these foods end up costing you later. We recommend skipping the drive-thru and preparing some food for your long car rides. But if youre in a rush or feeling lazy, here are 20 of the most unhealthy fast food items you should skip.

1. Arbys: Meatball Toasted Sub 1,000 calories

Arbys, they have the (most caloric) meats.

2. Bojangles: 3-Piece Dinner (leg and two thighs) 1,470 calories

A dinner of thighs and leg might cost you an arm and a leg, health wise at least.

3. Burger King: The Triple Whopper 1,160 calories

This burger alone contains 1,160 calories almost as many as the daily recommended amount. This outrageousburger alsocomes with 75g of fat, 1,050mg of sodium and two days worth of trans fat. Speaking of fat: If you want to have less of it on your body, definitely avoid this food.

4. Carls Jr: Double $6Burger 1,522 calories

Thats about 254 calories per dollar. Not a very good deal.

5. Chick-Fil-A: Cookies & Cream Milkshake 660 calories

Once again proving youre better off eating mor chikn.

6. Dairy Queen: Large Cookie Dough Blizzard 1,320 calories

Unless youre hibernating for the winter with this blizzard, no one needs to consume that many calories at once. If youre REALLY having a craving, try this dessert hummus that will satisfy all your cookie dough needs.

7. In-N-Out: Double-Double with Onion 670 calories

Maybe just stick to one double? We know In-N-Out is hard to resist.

8. KFC: Chicken Pot Pie 790 calories

Ironically, this chicken pot pie is the one item at KFC that contains vegetables and is not deep fried. However, its still the worst thing on the menu for you. With 790 calories in it and a days worth of sodium, its best you leave the pot pie cooking to your grandma.

9. McDonalds: Chocolate Triple Thick Shake 1,160 calories

That must be one thick shake.

10. Moes Southwest Grill: SteakHomewrecker 959 calories

With three major sources of fat (cheese, sour cream and guacamole) and three major sources of carbs (tortilla, rice and beans), this 959-calorie burrito is more of an ab-wrecker than it is a homewrecker.

11. Panera: Italian Combo Sandwich on Ciabatta 1,000 calories

The four types of meat in this sandwichmake this lunchtime classics calorie, fat and sodium content sky-high. Skip the fast food and make your own meat lovers sandwich at home your blood pressure and waistline will thank you.

12. Pizza Hut: Meat Lovers 6PersonalPan Pizza 890 calories

Learn to be a fighter, not a lover at Pizza Hut.

13. Popeyes: Shrimp PoBoy 690 calories

With a days worth of salt and half a days worth of trans fat,it might be better for you to skip the sandwich altogether and try this shrimp recipe at home.

14. Sonic: Large PB Cookie Dough Dream Master Blast 2,300 calories

Its best you keep this dream master blast from turning into a reality. This drink has more fat than 43 strips of pan-fried bacon, more calories than 29 chocolate-chip cookies and more sugar than seven Snickers bars. My advice: Eat a strip of bacon, a Snickers bar and a few cookies instead of one diabetes-inducing shake.

15. Starbucks: Venti Eggnog Latte 630 calories

While the holiday season has been known to bring a few pounds with it, the combination of eggnog and whole milk can really add up. With630 calories, 28g of fat, 74g of carbs and 68g of sugar, its best you pass onthis festive beverage. If you dont want to give up your holiday tradition, opt for low-fat or skim milk tohelp you save some calories.

16. Subway: Double Meatball Marinara 860 calories

In this case, two is not better than one.

17. Taco Bell: XXL Grilled Stuft Burrito 860 calories

With2,200mg of sodium, this burrito holds a days worth of salt. Fast food is unhealthy enough, so avoid an XXL serving of it at all costs.

18. Wendys: Daves Triple 1,070 calories

Ones company and twos a crowd, but three is definitely not a party with this 1,070-calorie burger. Unless, of course, you call an impending heart attack a party. With two days worth of trans fat, its best you opt for just one patty wrapped in lettuce. Your heart will thank you later.

19. Whataburger: Chop House Cheddar Burger 1,110 calories

You could chop (house) this burger as many times as you want, itd still be unhealthy. Maybe check out how to eata meal under 500 calories at all your favorite fast food joints instead.

20. White Castle: Large Chocolate Shake 1,020 calories

Stick to the burgers at White Castle. Theyre (shockingly) less caloric than the shakes.

This post was originally writtenby Samantha Cooperfor Spoon University.

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