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Jennifer Lawrence Looks Flawless Yet Again For Dior

Jennifer Lawrence Looks Flawless Yet Again For Dior
Dior Magazine / Photo by Mikael Jansson / Via
Dior Magazine / Photo by Mikael Jansson / Via
Dior Magazine / Photo by Mikael Jansson / Via
Dior Magazine / Photo by Mikael Jansson / Via
Dior Magazine / Photo by Mikael Jansson / Via
Dior Magazine / Photo by Mikael Jansson

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Mysterious Dimming Star May Have A Giant Cloud Of Material Orbiting It

Mysterious Dimming Star May Have A Giant Cloud Of Material Orbiting It

Astronomers have found a strange star that is dimming in a peculiar way, indicating it may have a large cloud of material orbiting it.

The star is called RIK-210, and it is located 472 light-years from Earth. A team of researchers led by the California Institute of technology (Caltech) used data from NASAs Kepler telescope to study the object, which was observed between August 22 and November 11, 2014, during its K2 mission. Their research is available in a paper on arXiv.

The team observed that the star dimmed for between 6 and 18 hours every 5.67 days, in time with its rotation. These dips in light were between 5 and 20 percent of the stars total light far larger than would be expected from a planet in orbit.

RIK-210 is only 5 to 10 million years old, half as massive as the Sun, and is about 1.24 times the size of the Sun. Dimming events like this have been seen before, but normally around stars with a planet-forming disk of material, which RIK-210 does not appear to have.

Whats more, the dimming effect does not seem to have occurred before or after the K2 observations, based on data from other telescopes, suggesting it only happened for a short period of time.

“We find transient, transit-like dimming events within the K2 time series photometry of the young star RIK-210, the scientists wrote in their paper. These dimming events are variable in depth, duration, and morphology.

The dips were seen every 5.6685 days. David et al, 2016

To explain whats going on, theyve ruled out a couple of options, namely another large object (like another star or a brown dwarf) eclipsing the star from our point of view, because they could not see any gravitational effects from such objects. They also ruled out features on the surface of the star, such as sunspots, being the cause.

Instead, they suggest that a large cloud of material may be orbiting the star. There are a number of possible progenitors for this cloud, including the remnants of a late stage of planetary formation, debris left from a collision, or even a protoplanet surrounded by dust or gas with an elongated tail.

Speculative sources of the obscuring material could be a magnetospheric cloud, an accretion flow from residual (yet undetected) gas and dust, remnants of the late stages of planet formation, the product of a giant-impact type collision, an enshrouded protoplanet with an extended tail, or one or more eccentric bodies undergoing periodic tidal disruption upon each periastron passage, the researchers wrote.

They are now hoping for further studies of the stars, including more transit observations and also observing its emitted light, to fully understand whats going on.

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Awesome Bootleg Movie Posters From 8 Countries

Awesome Bootleg Movie Posters From 8 Countries

In places with few affordable printers or legal rights to screen Hollywood flicks, theaters still rely on local artists to create their own home-grown movie promo. In India, lithographers like Ramachandraiah have made a living from their craft for decades. In rural Ghana, mobile cinemas (small screens mounted on vans) rely on local oil painters to announce their arrival. In any case, these artists take significant creative liberties, sometimes depicting scenes that don’t even happen in the movies.

2. From India:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Tintin without Tintin?

My Neighbor Totoro

6. From Pakistan

Death Race, a 2008 remake of a 1975 film with Paul Anderson.

7. From Taiwan:

Cars | Final Destination 5 | Rise of the Planet of the Apes | 翻滾吧!阿信

Inception | Narnia | Despicable Me | Love & Other Drugs

Fantastic 4 | Pirates of the Caribbean 3 | Spiderman 3

13. From Russia:

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
This artist completely cut out Hermione from the scene.


In Russia, Shrek 2 is an existential horror movie.


Freaky Friday | Scooby-Doo
On the left is supposed to be Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis.


Bruce Almighty


17. From Thailand:

Jackie Chan’s Dragons Forever (1988)

Tim Curry’s Times Square (1980). A complete reinvention fo the original poster.

David Cronenberg’s Rabid (1977). Again, it looks nothing like the original promo.

20. From Latvia:

Tom Ford’s A Single Man, the movie adaption of Christopher Isherwood’s classic novel.

21. From Ghana:

Terminator | Elektra
Yes, that’s supposed to be Jennifer Garner on the right.

Enter the Dragon | Mission Impossible
And that’s Tom Cruise on the right.

Species 3 | Anaconda 3
Nothing about the made-for-TV Anaconda 3 suggests that pythons can spit fire beams.

24. And whatever’s going on at this Indian movie theater:

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Can Marissa Mayer Sell Yahoo To Tumblr’s Users?

Can Marissa Mayer Sell Yahoo To Tumblr's Users?

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo. Keystone, Laurent Gillieron / AP

For Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, there is no more important time in her professional career than now. Or, more precisely, than Monday afternoon at 5 p.m. EST at the R Lounge at Two Times Square in New York. That’s when Mayer will take the stage to officially unveil Yahoo’s $1.1 billion purchase of Tumblr.

Typically, such press events are designed to sell shareholders, advertising executives and the media on the merits of the deal, primarily by plying them with expensive alcohol and robust swag bags. But tomorrow, Mayer will be pitching not to the martini-swilling attendees at the event, but to a much more important audience — the 18- to 25-year-olds who make up the bulk of Tumblr’s user base. The core Tumblr demographic that is already threatening to defect from the blogging platform and social network en masse.

Monday’s press conference represents not just a key moment in Mayer’s effort to remake Yahoo, but also for her as a leader and chief executive. Calling it the presentation of her career would not be an overstatement. As sources told AllThingsD, which broke the news of the deal, Mayer has decided that buying Tumblr is going to be “the stake in the ground for what her strategy is going forward for Yahoo.”

For that strategy to pay dividends, Mayer needs to both convince Tumblr’s under-30 contingent to stick around and entice a steady stream of their peers to contine to adopt the service. In a way, press reports saying that Yahoo wants to buy Tumblr to be cool are doing Mayer a disservice. Nothing is less cool than a conscious attempt to be cool. What Mayer is faced with is the immense task of convincing Tumblr’s users that Yahoo’s products and services can make them cooler.

It won’t be easy. Indeed, by banning Kara Swisher and Peter Kafka, the reporters who broke the news of the deal, from the press conference, Yahoo already looks petty and decidedly uncool.

But more importantly, as my colleague John Herrman noted Sunday, when Yahoo was founded, most of Tumblr’s most important demographic wasn’t even born. (Jerry Yang and David Filo co-founded Yahoo in January 1994 for the record. Tumblr was founded in 2007.) Mayer turns 38 on May 30; Tumblr founder David Karp turns 27 in July. To Wall Street, Mayer is a revelation — a young, digitally native executive who can speak the language of both coders and analysts. To Tumblr users she represents authority: a corporate executive to be viewed suspiciously, someone who wants to make money off their work and take away their fun.

Nowhere is that better illustrated than in two tweets, one from LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and the other from the parody account YahooBoard.

“Whether new policy decisions, product launches, or acquiring Tumblr, Marissa’s got people talking about Yahoo again in a meaningful way,” @jeffweiner tweeted on Sunday afternoon.

A few hours later, @YahooBoard tweeted, “First meeting on how to completely destroy @tumblr’s culture of product innovation is 9am sharp tomorrow.”

The joke actually takes on some resonance when you consider that changes to Tumblr are nearly always incremental and pass without fanfare. New features are announced on the site’s staff blog in the form of short posts from Karp or one of a handful of deputies. Funding announcements have been allowed to play out in the press, while Tumblr’s most important announcement in years, that it had devised a rudimentary advertising strategy, was delivered casually by Karp at an advertising conference. Glossy press events are anathema to pre-Yahoo Tumblr, and to Karp, who would rather antagonize his business peers than share a stage with them.

And let’s not forget that Tumblr’s core users also find display advertising, still a main source of Yahoo’s revenue, reprehensible. They don’t like to be sold to, regardless of whether it’s a product or a deal.

Historically, Yahoo’s leaders have wilted rather than thrived under pressure. A major reason why Yahoo has foundered since rejecting Microsoft’s $44 billion takeover offer in 2008 is because Jerry Yang, Carol Bartz and the company’s other interim CEOs never articulated a clear vision and strategy. They seemed to be looking for a way out rather than a way forward.

Mayer has spent $1.1 billion because she believes Tumblr provides a path to keep Yahoo relevant for a new generation of users. On Monday she will attempt to sell its users on her vision. By the time the press conference ends we should have a good idea of whether they see things her way.

David Karp of Tumblr speaks onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2013 at The Manhattan Center on May 1, 2013, in New York City. Brian Ach / Getty Images

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