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Here’s A Runway Fashion Show With The Emphasis Firmly On The “Run”

Here's A Runway Fashion Show With The Emphasis Firmly On The "Run"

1. Stella McCartney presented her spring/summer 2014 Adidas by Stella McCartney collection during London Fashion Week.

REUTERS / Suzanne Plunkett.

Here she is posing with a gaggle of models in pastel workout gear and also some sheer pants I don’t quite understand.

2. And now posing with some models who had to jog on the spot for a while.

REUTERS / Suzanne Plunkett

REUTERS / Suzanne Plunkett


3. This marbling pattern is quite lovely. If I ever even considered working out, I’d consider wearing this sort of ensemble first.

4. Anyway, look at the models go!

Except, you know, they’re not actually going anywhere, really.

5. You’ll notice a theme developing: Stella standing around in heels while the hard work plays out around her.

(Her dress is from the mainline spring/summer 2014 Stella McCartney collection.)


7. Though this group is certainly lacking in Olympic-worthy sass. They’re basically just upside-down underwater.


8. Not sure the cutouts in these swimsuits are a good look either. Moving on…

REUTERS / Suzanne Plunkett

9. And we’re back to Stella, this time with some people being hung from the ceiling and tortured for showing up to hair and makeup earlier in the morning wearing Nike sneakers instead of Adidas ones.

REUTERS / Suzanne Plunkett.

10. OK, no — apparently this is a form of exercise also.

REUTERS / Suzanne Plunkett.

11. And I mean, sure, if you’re in Cirque du Soleil it makes sense.


12. But otherwise…no.

13. Also, here’s one model photobombing Stella with her butt.

REUTERS / Suzanne Plunkett

14. Anyway, here are some more pieces from the new collection. This model got lucky and just has to do a halfhearted hamstring stretch for the duration.

15. Wait, no, she had to jump around a bit too.

16. But the aerobics models definitely had the best jobs of the bunch.

REUTERS / Suzanne Plunkett

17. And these poor souls landed the worst one.

18. Because spinning class is always the worst. Even if the bikes are painted a soothing shade of pink.

REUTERS / Suzanne Plunkett


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Inside Nigeria’s Information Vacuum

Inside Nigeria's Information Vacuum


CNN’s Isha Sesay reports from Abuja, Nigeria.
Image: CNN

CNN anchor Isha Sesay tweeted on May 2 that she had arrived in Nigeria as part of growing CNN team gathered there for the network’s coverage of missing Nigerian schoolgirls.

The group of hundreds of girls had been gone for two weeks — they were kidnapped from their school in Chibok on April 15 by militants with the Islamic group Boko Haram — and the world was just beginning to tune into the story.

Wearing a blue shirt, jeans and a stoic expression, Sesay tweeted a photo of herself holding up a sign that read #BringBackOurGirls and wrote, “I’m in Nigeria for in-depth CNN coverage of missing schoolgirls. We all want answers!”

By May 6, when Mashable had some data about the popularity of the #BringBackOurGirls hashtag, Sesay’s tweet remained one of the most popular tweets with the tag (that is, until world leaders like Michelle Obama and the Pope jumped in). Still, Sesay has been one of the more authoritative and constructive voices in the network’s coverage of the missing schoolgirls.

Mashable spoke with Sesay this weekend during a break in her reporting from Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, to ask about her first impressions, the condition of the girls’ families, and Nigerians’ thoughts on the #BringBackOurGirls hashtag. (The interview below, conducted via email, has been condensed and lightly edited.)

Mashable: As we know, Boko Haram is an ongoing source of violence in the country and has killed hundreds of civilians and school children. What was it about the approximately 300 kidnapped girls that led you to believe it would become a bigger story? When did you decide you needed to go to Nigeria?

Isha Sesay: First of all, let me say CNN has been covering this story from the very beginning. Our Nigeria correspondent Vladimir Duthiers has covered this story nonstop. As a network, we decided to step up our coverage once we realized the Nigerian government wasn’t being forthcoming with information, and that took some time to become apparent. We all know that Boko Haram has been terrorizing northern Nigeria for the last couple of years. But this attack is different, so much more outrageous — the notion that Boko Haram would abduct 200-plus schoolgirls! These are children simply trying to get an education in a part of Nigeria with one of the highest out-of-school populations.

What did you find when you first arrived in Nigeria?

When I arrived in Nigeria more than a week ago, I found people angry and feeling a real lack of trust in their government. Local Nigerians I spoke to in Lagos all seemed astounded by the lack of information about the search-and-rescue mission. Much of this feeling was fueled by the fact that the military put out a statement claiming to have rescued all but eight of the girls, which, of course, is untrue. I spoke to Nigerians from all walks of life and all expressed the same sentiments. The moment I announced on Twitter that I had landed in Lagos, my feed was inundated with messages from Nigerians, expressing the very same feelings. (People sent me messages that I was trending in Lagos and Abuja!) Once I had processed all of their emotions, I decided the focus of my reporting had to be pushing the Nigerian government for more information, for more transparency regarding their efforts to find these girls.

How is CNN, and the rest of the international media, seen by Nigerians, their families and the government?

In my time here, since we ratcheted up our reporting on this story, I have been approached multiple times per day by ordinary Nigerians who have all expressed gratitude for CNN’s reporting of this story. It’s also overwhelmingly been the same on Twitter. CNN has spoken to a number of families who lost girls in this attack by Boko Haram, and they have said if it weren’t for the international media attention, nothing would have been done by the government to find the girls.

The Nigerian government, on the other hand, does not appear happy with the increased scrutiny they are under. I have had a number of feisty exchanges with government officials live on CNN, and it is quite clear they are less than pleased.

How are Nigerians getting their news about this story? Are they on Twitter or Facebook, like people in the U.S., or are they more dependent on TV news, or newspapers and radio?

Nigerians are following this story via television, newspapers and social media. The fact the #BringBackOurGirls hashtag went viral underscores the global interest in this story and everyone is following it very, very closely.

An unidentified mother cries out during a demonstration with others who have daughters among the kidnapped school girls of government secondary school Chibok, Tuesday April 29, 2014, in Abuja, Nigeria.

Image: Gbemiga Olamikan/Associated Press

What do the parents of the missing girls, and the community rallying behind them, think of the fact that the whole world is watching this story? Do they know about the hashtag?

Chibok, the town the schoolgirls were taken from, is very rural — it’s a very remote part of Nigeria. So I’m not sure the parents of the girls are fully aware of the part social media has played in focusing the the attention of the world on the plight.

But they are aware of the fact networks such as our own are telling the story of what happened to their children and pressing the Nigerian government for information on the search and rescue mission, as well as answers to the many outstanding questions that remain.

What’s been your toughest moment in Nigeria?

Interviewing a father who told CNN that his two daughters and four relatives were taken by Boko Haram during that April 14 attack is definitely one of the toughest moments I’ve had during my time here. He was clearly in so much pain and distress, and felt totally abandoned by the Nigerian government. He told me he just wanted his daughters back, dead or alive.

What about an especially memorable one?

I sat down with three young, bright and incredibly inspiring girls going to school right now in northern Nigeria. These are girls with hopes and dreams just like other girls around the world. They told me they will not let Boko Haram’s reign of terror and objection to western education get in the way of them fulfilling their dreams. I was so moved by their bravery and sense of confidence. The entire experience will stay with me forever.

What can you tell us about some of the families? Are they hopeful and confident their girls will be found, or is there a creeping sensation they have been traded beyond Nigerian borders and are therefore out of Nigerian authorities’ reach?

The parents who CNN has spoken to are all holding onto the hope their girls will be found and returned safely. These parents are living a nightmare. One father told me that all they do is cry in his house. The inadequate response by the Nigerian government in the aftermath of the April 14 attack had left many of these families feeling utterly desperate and despondent. But now, the international community is assisting the Nigerian government in efforts to find these girls, and families are increasingly allowing themselves to believe all is not lost.

What is a story you’ve noticed in Nigeria that has been overlooked by the media?

There is a large-scale migration underway in parts of northern Nigeria, as people move to neighboring countries to escape the havoc caused by Boko Haram. Aid agencies are struggling to deal with the continuous flow of people fleeing. I think more needs to be done on that story.

CNN’s Isha Sesay gets ready to report in Nigeria.

Image: CNN

If you had to sum up your experience in one sentence, what would it be?

Despite the Nigerian government’s obvious displeasure, CNN continues to push government officials for more information about the search for missing girls.

Lastly, what would you say to younger viewers who may want to enter the TV news business? Any advice on how to wind up in your shoes one day?

This is a hard job, but definitely a worthwhile one. You’ve got to be focused and be interested in the world. So I recommend reading widely, and doing all you can to build up a body of knowledge. I always tell people to take every employment opportunity that comes your way, even if it doesn’t quite make sense at the time. I worked at Sky Sports news as a sportscaster for three and a half years; every opportunity is a building block, a chance to learn.

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This Is How Someone Ends Up Photoshopping Nude Women Beanbag Chairs [NSFW]

This Is How Someone Ends Up Photoshopping Nude Women Beanbag Chairs [NSFW]

2. You meet the person of your dreams. You fall in love. You get married.

3. You get married and do the thing mommies and daddies do when they love each other very much.

4. The day your baby boy enters the world is the happiest day of your life.

5. You gaze lovingly at his perfect little nose and cheeks. You’ve never felt this in love.

6. This little prince, the angel of your world, he can be anything he wants, a doctor or a poet or a president.

7. Middle of the night crying turns into first steps and first words and first birthday parties.

8. You cry as soon as your little man goes inside for his first day of school.

9. You stay up late glue-gunning his science fair projects, then drilling his SAT flashcards.

10. He’s discovered a passion for Photoshop and goes to the local art school.

11. You’re concerned about his future, but want him to follow his dreams.

12. His first Thanksgiving home from college, you use his laptop to check your email.

13. You can’t help noticing what he’s working on in Photoshop…

14. The bundle of joy you brought home from that hospital 18 years ago…

15. THIS is what he’s become. THIS is who he grew to be.

16. He’s a guy who cranks off to imagining girls as beanbag chairs.

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Cris Carter Speaks Out Against Child Abuse During Emotional ESPN Segment (Video)

Cris Carter Speaks Out Against Child Abuse During Emotional ESPN Segment (Video)

Cris Carter agrees wholeheartedly with the Minnesota Vikings‘ decision to pull Adrian Peterson out of Sunday’s game against the Patriots, after the star running back admitted to charges of abusing his son.

According to ESPN, Peterson has since turned himself into police. He was booked and then released on a $15,000 bond.

During an emotional segment on ESPN’s “NFL Sunday Countdown,” Carter stopped the show to speak out against child abuse and even gave some personal insight about how he was raised and how it brought him to raise his own children today.

This is the 21st century. My mom was wrong. She did the best she could, but she was wrong about some of that stuff she taught me.

And I promised my kids that I won’t teach that mess to them. You can’t beat a kid to make him do what you want to do.

Carter played 12 seasons for the Vikings and praised their handling of the situation. However, he also feels more should be done to prevent anything like this from happening again.

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Outreach: Rep. Amash describes Obama’s way of getting even with Congress

Outreach: Rep. Amash describes Obama’s way of getting even with Congress!/repjustinamash/status/377910235866091520

Rep. Amash is correct. The 2013 Congressional Picnic at the White House has been abruptly cancelled. This is the email legislators received:

Good evening,

The 2013 Congressional Picnic has been cancelled. The president and Mrs. Obama look forward to welcoming members of Congress and their immediate families at the Congressional Holiday Ball in December. More details regarding the Congressional Holiday Ball will follow at a later date.

Thank you,
White House Office of Legislative Affairs

Won’t support the Syria strike? No burgers & hot dogs for you!!/instapundit/status/377910925858467840

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10 Out Comedians Who Will Make You Laugh Today

10 Out Comedians Who Will Make You Laugh Today

1. Simon Amstell

He originally made a name for himself on British comedy shows like Popworld and Never Mind The Buzzcocks, but why let the Brits keep him all to themselves? You would never think that “awkward” and “angst”’ would be good adjectives to describe someone who makes you laugh — but that’s exactly what people say about this hilarious introvert.

Donna Svennevik / ABC / Getty Images

Listen to his stand-up when you need to remember how absolutely ridiculous the world is.


2. Suzanne Westenhoefer

She was the first openly gay comic to host her own HBO comedy special in 1994 and she hasn’t stopped trailblazing since. No topic is off-limits when it comes to her routines. No seriously, it can get pretty cringe-worthy. Sex while your parents are in the other room, divorce, breakups, and more — she makes the most uncomfortable parts of life easy to laugh about.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

She will remind you that the funniest thing is often simply telling the truth.


3. Sampson McCormick

Half activist and half comic, this upcoming comedian is known for tackling serious issues such homelessness, HIV, and hate crimes. He proudly embraces the “double minority” of being both black and gay in his riveting and fresh routines. You can currently catch him touring around the country for his Joyful Noise tour.
Kristin Horgen / TAGG

Kristin Horgen / TAGG / Via

He speaks the truth concerning the power behind Michelle Obama’s biceps:


4. Erin Foley

Just this year, she made her stand-up debut on Conan and appeared as a guest star on the NBC series Go On. She has a special talent for sharing her most embarrassing stories with audiences and the world thanks her for that.

Her routines will remind you that sometimes it’s all right to poke fun at stereotypes — especially when they happen to be accurate.

5. James Adomian

In 2010, he made a name for himself as a top-10 finalist on Last Comic Standing. Since then the comic has bounced around from work in late-night television, films, to some voiceover gigs. His talent for different voices is evident from his stand-up routines, which will easily make your day.

Cassie Wright / Getty Images for SXSW

He will forever change the way you see movie villains:


6. Paula Pell

All right, so she is a comedy writer — but if writing for Saturday Night Live for over 10 years doesn’t qualify you as a funny person, nothing does. Her sarcastic and witty tweets have given her a reputation on their own, but her performances on various TV shows and sketches solidify her as comedy gold.

Look her up if you need life advice, but can’t afford your own shrink.

7. Gabe Liedman

He went from hosting a weekly show called The Big Terrific, with guest stars like Zach Galifianakis and Aziz Ansari, to becoming a writer on Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer. He describes himself as a “fascinating person,” and unlike most people that description is actually accurate.

His work on Twitter is a thing of beauty.

8. Fortune Feimster

This Southern comic not only works as a full-time writer on Chelsea Lately but she also appears in numerous sketches on the show. You will soon question how you even existed without her in your life. And to answer your question, yes that is her real name.

She has an endless number of characters in her arsenal.


9. Mario Cantone

There was a reason you looked forward to seeing him on Sex And The City — the guy is funny. Now do yourself a favor and listen to him do a whole stand-up routine.

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

Watch him when you need a creative reenactment of Hitchcock’s The Birds:


Here he gives you his best Liza Minnelli:

10. Eliot Glazer

Starting out as an intern at Conan and SNL, he is slowly becoming the master of internet sketch comedy. Glazer mostly exists on the internet; his web series, “It Gets Betterish” and “Eliot’s Sketchpad,” will get you through any of your darkest days.

He once teamed up with Kate Mckinnon to teach the world the proper form for power walking:


You can thank him for letting us all know what gay dogs are thinking:

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Who Knew Shonda Rhimes And Britney Spears Used To Work Together?

Who Knew Shonda Rhimes And Britney Spears Used To Work Together?

Okay so maybe, we're showing up fashionably late to the party, but who fucking knew that Shonda Rhimes – creator of Betch favorites Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and Replacement Scandal (How to get away with murder) – wrote Britney Spears' ill fated attempt at acting, Crossroads?? I shouldn't be surprised really, the whole Kit-Mimi-Dylan pregnancy story line was recycled for Private Practice. And Lucy has to have been the first brainstorming for Meredith Grey.

It just feels like universes colliding – kind of like when Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf got married IRL. Seriously though, who would have guessed “It's Britney Bitch” Spears was an OG member of Shondaland?

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