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Julia Louis-Dreyfus And Reese Witherspoon Were The Best Part Of The Golden Globes

Julia Louis-Dreyfus And Reese Witherspoon Were The Best Part Of The Golden Globes

1. During Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Golden Globes monologue, they mocked Julia Louis-Dreyfus — a double nominee for Veep and Enough Said — for sitting in the film section of the audience instead of with her fellow television folk.


2. But JLD, who was puffing on an e-cig while sitting next to Reese Witherspoon (because, why not?), could not be bothered.


4. Especially not for a selfie.


5. The best.

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Did Bud Light steal this artist’s work?

Did Bud Light steal this artist’s work?!/bennyd302/status/508600304150253568

Benjamin Douglass, an artist from Red Bank, New Jersey, accused Bud Light of stealing his artwork for their new ad campaign featuring Vanilla Ice:!/bennyd302/status/508611809561964545

And here’s a sample of the ad. Yes, it does look like it’s the same exact artwork:!/budlight/status/508421925090381824

Mr. Ice seems to have acknowledged it’s the same design, too:!/vanillaice/status/508604123420184576

But who owns this particular artwork anyway? Tweeps are asking:!/mattmartone/status/508787008555479040

Answer? It’s the design for a T-shirt sold by a company called TeePublic:!/bennyd302/status/508787768122961920!/bennyd302/status/508801750846144512!/mattmartone/status/508802269958406144

Here’s the summary as best as we can tell: An artist from New Jersey used Vanilla Ice’s likeness — without compensation to Mr. Ice — to sell T-shirts and now he’s angry that Bud Light is using his artwork in a major ad campaign, but he’s not sure if Bud Light stole his work or actually licensed it.

We’ll update as soon as we know more in what’s shaping up to be a major (snicker) legal battle.


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When His Wife Left Town For The Week, This Guy Tore Up Their Bedroom Floors

When His Wife Left Town For The Week, This Guy Tore Up Their Bedroom Floors

Redditor pcjames saw an opening when his wife went out of town for a week…

He’d been wanting to rip up the ugly carpeting in their bedroom and replace it with hardwood floors. Now was the perfect time. So with just a few days to get the job done, he got to work!

While it might sound like quite the undertaking for just one guy and a week, it’s actually a lot easier than you think!

First, he tore up the carpet — it just had to go.

He bought half-inch-thick plywood pieces and cut them up into eight-inch-wide strips.

Then came the sanding…lots and lots of sanding.

Before he started nailing anything down, he tried an initial layout. He staggered the planks for a unique look.

It’s gluing time! He used a construction-grade adhesive to glue each board to the subfloor.

A nail gun came in handy for the next step — this went a lot faster than pcjames thought it would.

This diagonal portion by the door was a bit trickier, though.

All that was left was to stain the planks and apply a sealer.

The stain turned out darker than anticipated, but ultimately, pcjames decided to leave it as is.

He applied three coats of polyurethane with a satin finish…then…

The furniture went in! This looks great.

The amazing part about this project is that it cost less than $250 total. How crazy is that? I think I might just go start ripping up my ugly carpet, too!

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21 People Who Are Way Too Turnt

21 People Who Are Way Too Turnt

“TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?” —Jesus Christ, probably

1. This wedding party.

This wedding party.

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2. This girl using a slice of pizza as a pillow.

Brandon #HNO @waterss_

So turnt up they left their leg at the club

4. This grandma.

This grandma.

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5. This guy.

This guy.

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“So my friend got drunk and bet me he could fit an entire box of straws in his mouth…did not disappoint.”

6. This teacher.

7. This dog that looks like Big Sean.


8. This congregation.

9. Rob Ford.

Rob Ford.

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10. This squad.

11. These puppies.

These puppies.

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12. These cats.

Video available at:

13. This giraffe.

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‘Righteous anger’! Proud vet Montel Williams shreds gov’t over VA scandal [video]

‘Righteous anger’! Proud vet Montel Williams shreds gov’t over VA scandal [video]!/Mike_USPatriot/status/471748982881132544

The VA inspector general has issued a disturbing new report:!/jaketapper/status/471714096782794752!/jaketapper/status/471718822551232513

Former talk show host and 22-year military vet Montel Williams is livid:!/Montel_Williams/status/471737453616050178


Williams appeared this afternoon on “Cavuto” to discuss the ever-worsening VA scandal:!/TeamCavuto/status/471739324896382976

Citizens applauded Williams’ outspoken support for our military and condemnation of the VA’s shameful treatment of our veterans:!/presidentlazy2/status/471744610138869761!/kellyfla2003/status/471765033689837568!/RahsaanBall/status/471744823297183744!/BLLarsen/status/471749743509389313

Williams is also working to spread awareness on Twitter with the #VASurge hashtag:!/Montel_Williams/status/471729121761198080!/Montel_Williams/status/471745014608183296!/Montel_Williams/status/471746583025815552!/Montel_Williams/status/471750580944535553

Williams is motivated by one thing here: The welfare of our veterans.!/Montel_Williams/status/471751148731252737

Indeed they do. Keep the #VASurge spreading!!/carynatwood/status/471750158359621633!/JRB12350/status/471751077705285632!/Patschatz/status/471745623688241152!/drrwjones/status/471767527127670784!/carolannyaros/status/471752300101644289!/ThinkInPix/status/471750530092396544

Our vets have given the best of themselves. They deserve the best from us.



Twitchy coverage of the VA scandal

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12-Yr-Old Silently Slips Out of Moms CarWhat She Sees Next Has Her Driving Away in Tears

12-Yr-Old Silently Slips Out of Moms CarWhat She Sees Next Has Her Driving Away in Tears

She was pumping gas when her son looked at her and jumped out of the car without saying a word…

Sometimes all we can hope for as parents is that our kids will one day grow up and make wise decisions on their own without our help. We can nudge them in the right direction, tighten the reigns, punish, and even push them all we want, but when it comes right down to itwho they want to be is ultimatelyup to them.

We often wonder if our parenting has paid off or if we’ve done enough to mold our children into godly young men and women.

Well for one mother, she got to witness the fruits of her labor firsthand, and it is absolutely beautiful. In a Facebook post shared by Love What Matters, A. Jacobs shares the moment she saw her 12-year-old boy start to turn into a fine young gentleman.

Her post reads:

My 12-year-old son and I were pumping gas, when he noticed an elderly gentleman having difficulty pumping his gas. He looked at me, and without saying a word, jumped out and walked over to him. He started a conversation with him and I watched as he handed the pump to my son without hesitation. My son even went into the gas station to retrieve the man’s change that he had left over. The man started to hand my son money as a reward and he refused it and just gave the man a hug. My son did all this on his own without any prodding from me. I drove away in tears and so proud of my son that day.

Though parenting can be an uphill battle, this story is proof that it is also the ultimate blessing.

As the Bible states in Proverbs 22:6: “Train up a child in the way he should go,And when he is old he will not depart from it.”

There is no greater reward as a parent than to watch your child take off those mommy training wheels and see the lessons that you’ve invested in them come to life before your very eyes.

That’s the surreal moment where you can sit back and say, “Ahhh, I finally did it.”

And after allof the screaming fits, the fights over messy rooms, the sibling quarrels,the homework battles, and the countless “because-I-said-so!”moments where you think you just might pull out EVERY last hair on your headthat’s the good stuff right there.

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Hip-hop Congress: Did Rep. King nab a cell phone pic of Beyoncé and Jay-Z at Inauguration?; Updated: Confirmed

Hip-hop Congress: Did Rep. King nab a cell phone pic of Beyoncé and Jay-Z at Inauguration?; Updated: Confirmed!/SladeHV/status/293395671497723904

Twitter is buzzing over this photo.

Is it Rep. King? Did he nab a cell phone picture of Obama buddies Beyoncé and Jay-Z?

No confirmation yet, but that doesn’t stop the buzz. Social media users love the photo regardless, and prep for it to go viral.

Will Rep. King confirm? And will a meme be born? Stay tuned!

Update: Confirmed! But King explains that in his defense, he didn’t know who Jay-Z was.

Oh, the giggles!

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