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Father Gives Daughter Valuable Life Advice As She Brushes Her Teeth (Video)

Father Gives Daughter Valuable Life Advice As She Brushes Her Teeth (Video)

I don’t have the statistics to back this up, but from what I’ve seen, there’s a direct correlation between the rise of the Internet and the number of parents who shamelessly use their children as props to get attention.

In most cases, this involves dressing kids up in ridiculous outfits or exploiting their gullibility for the enjoyment of strangers online.

Simply taking a picture of your child doing something cute isn’t going to cut it anymore.

If you want to go viral, you really have to do something special.

“Special” is certainly one word you could use to describe this video of a father giving his daughter advice on how to brush her teeth.

I’m sure some people will think of some other adjectives to describe it, but those people should get their minds out of the gutter.

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27 Reasons New Zealand Should Be Off Your Bucket List

27 Reasons New Zealand Should Be Off Your Bucket List


1. Welcome to New Zealand…or Australia Jr.

Flickr: sissonphoto / Creative Commons

2. What the hell is this wasteland?!

Flickr: mazzali / Creative Commons

3. The second you land here, you’re exposed to the horrible views the country has to offer.

Flickr: jezuez471 / Creative Commons

4. That skyline. YUCK!

5. Really OLD theatres.

6. Mediocre sunsets.

Flickr: stuckincustoms / Creative Commons

7. Look at this disgusting mess.

8. As if you’d want to visit the set of this dumb movie that no one saw.

Flickr: davaodude / Creative Commons

9. What was the name of it again?

Flickr: stuckincustoms / Creative Commons

10. Why is the sky that colour?! Eww.

Flickr: dexxus / Creative Commons

11. No Instagram filter can make this sight bearable.

Flickr: chris_gin / Creative Commons

12. Look at these ski fields…MEH!

Flickr: dave_see / Creative Commons

13. And ugly hills that remind you of the dark time you had Windows XP.

Flickr: pietroizzo / Creative Commons

14. What the hell is that!?

Flickr: linneasunflower / Creative Commons

15. Urgh.

Flickr: loic80l / Creative Commons

16. YUCK!

Flickr: chris_gin / Creative Commons

17. Definitely photoshopped!

Flickr: 127665714@N08 / Creative Commons

18. Hopefully this is a road out of New Zealand.

Flickr: paperpariah / Creative Commons

19. You can only hope this boat would get you out of here.

Flickr: ianz / Creative Commons

20. Wait, nevermind! The country is completely surrounded by water! You’re trapped here!

Flickr: surferlisa / Creative Commons

21. Urgh. And don’t get us started on this so-called “food”.

Flickr: probonobaker / Creative commons

22. There’s whales…but where can’t you see them?!

Flickr: 96903347@N02 / Creative Commons

23. ~Wow soooooo funnnnn!!~

Flickr: orcaman / Creative Commons

24. Would take a concrete jungle over this crap any day.

Flickr: georgeka / Creative Commons

25. Just everywhere you look is painful on the eyes!

Flickr: benurs / Creative Commons

26. Long story short, just take this advice…

Flickr: loic80l / Creative Commons

27. Don’t go to New Zealand.

Flickr: taspicsvns / Creative Commons

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North Korea thumbs nose at Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama

North Korea thumbs nose at Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama!/DawnNews/status/184168052806520832

From Fox News:

In a direct challenge to North Korean leaders, President Barack Obama implored them “to have the courage to pursue peace” while warning of  the wrath of the world if they don’t. Failure, he said Monday, would mean a future without dignity, respect or hope for its people.

Obama stood by his pledge for a globe without  nuclear weapons, declaring flatly that the United  States has more than it needs and can cut its arsenal without weakening its  security or that of its allies. That assessment put him on a collision course  with congressional Republicans who say any significant cuts would undermine the  U.S. ability to deter aggression.

And North Korea’s response via CNN:

Just hours after the United States warned that North Korea would achieve nothing with threats or provocations, Pyongyang moved a long-range rocket it plans to test fire to a launch pad Monday, a South Korean defense ministry official said.

If the rocket is launched, South Korea is prepared to “track its trajectory,” said the official, who did not want to be named.

“There are concerns that parts of the rocket may fall within South Korean territory,” he said. “If that were to happen it would threaten lives and cause damage to the economy. To guard against that, they (the military) will be tracking the orbit.”

Who’s saying what on Twitter:

My blog post on Pres. Obama's Sunday in South Korea:

— Steve Herman (@W7VOA) March 25, 2012!/georgies_story/status/184182964031209472

I should not watch the news before going to sleep. Now all I will dream about is North Korean missiles.

— Amanda Rose (@amanda) March 26, 2012

I just came back to Japan yesterday. Many Japanese worry about Missile problem of North Korea more than Korean because they don't have Army.

— 고경우 (@KOmikata) March 26, 2012

The rocket is purportedly aimed at Australia. Australia’s PM is playing it cool:

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has played down the security threat posed by a North Korean missile launch, while criticising the country for breaching United Nations resolutions.

On Saturday, Fairfax reported a warning from the United States that North Korea’s forthcoming missile launch would be aimed over south-east Asia and Australia for the first time.

The North Korean announcement of a mid-April April 15 satellite launch has stolen the show from the summit hosts in the South and triggered strong reactions in Japan and the Phillippines.

It has ended a moment of optimism that followed a deal last month between Washington and Pyongyang that will see International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors into the North as well as food aid.

Today, Ms Gillard said the missile was in breach of UN Security Council resolutions and an agreement struck with the United States late last month.

‘‘North Korea needs to take a step back from this proposed launch,’’ Ms Gillard told reporters in Seoul.

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We Asked Americans About Brexit, And Too Many Had No Clue What It Was

We Asked Americans About Brexit, And Too Many Had No Clue What It Was

The United Kingdom just voted to leave the European Union, a decision that is already having major consequences.

Prime Minister David Cameron announced he would resign, and global markets plummeted.

Brexit impacts the US as well, whether we like it or not.

Given the gravity of this event, Elite Daily decided to take to the streets of New York City and ask people how they’re feeling about it (check it out on Snapchat at elitedailysnap).

Before we headed out, Elite Daily’s own Ollie McAteer, who just moved here from London, offered his thoughts on Brexit.

We headed to Madison Square Park, one of the busiest spots in Manhattan. The responses we got were mixed.

Some were completely unaware.

Others were concerned about the economic impact.

It really didn’t seem to affect this guyat all.

This woman was saddened by the news.

But others just truly didn’t care.

These are crazy times we’re living in.

Some described the news as an absolute “tragedy.”

We even got the French to chime in.

While this was a very small sample of opinions, it seems the immensity of this decision by the UK has not truly hit the hearts and minds of some Americans… yet.

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