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Community Post: Japan’s 10 Weird/Shocking Moments Caught On Twitter Photos

Community Post: Japan's 10 Weird/Shocking Moments Caught On Twitter Photos

1. A Woman Got Her Leg Caught Between A Train and A Platform, People Gather to Help Tilt the Train to Rescue

From @kishaburaku. This just happened on July 22nd at JR Minami Urawa Station, Saitama. Over-crowded Japanese trains could be sometime be useful since you get so many people helping in emergency!

2. Stuffed Rilakkuma Punished to Set an Example for What Would Happen to Shoplifters

From @dover_s2. “Whoever steals from this shop shall be hang. We don’t care if you are an adorable stuffed bear.”

3. Taking a Pot Scourer for a Walk

From @deeppoid. I have a theory that most weirdest things in Japan happen in train stations.

4. Even An Onigiri (Japanese Rice Ball) Takes a Train in Japan

From @1_kazu28. Looks like the rice ball found its perfect spot it’s destined for…

5. Giant Tomato Man Sighted Several Times in Tokyo Area

From @ryukawa0517. It’s been reported by some Twitter users that the Giant Tomato Man sometimes hang out with Lettuce Man and Buns Man.

6. Using a Mac in Starbucks

From @piano1431. Some people actually carry a desktop computer on their back and commute to work everyday on trains.

7. Scariest Apartment in Osaka

From @zatsuhana. They are watching you…

8. Used Color Contact Lenses Should Not be Left There

From @potyomukin33. This would give me a heart attack if I encounter one in my bathroom.

9. A “Stray” Roomba on Street

From @TOKYO_LITHMATIC. This Roomba seems to be “lost” on the street in Kanda area. Hopefully the owner comes and get you soon!

10. J-POP Idol Shoko Nakagawa’s New Hair-Do: Cicada Cast-off Shells

From @shoko55mmts. This is not really an “everyday life” sort of photo, but it’s quite freaky! Shoko Nakagawa performed at a live concert with this hair woven with cicada cast-off shells, and reportedly she threw some of those shells at her audience from the stage as fan service. No you are an adorable girl but I don’t want it thank you!

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Amanda Marcotte does’t care about women and here’s why by-the-numbers

Amanda Marcotte does’t care about women and here’s why by-the-numbers!/OneFineJay/status/507355063489396736

Exactly. As Twitchy reported, Marcotte recently jumped the cuckoo pants shark for good when she “wrote” about the horrifying tyranny of … the family dinner. Yes, really.

Sexist much, Amanda?!/Conservativeind/status/507341613442818048

Sexist and, as the sane already know, she does not actually care about women. Yet another case in point, this time by-the-numbers:

Tweets by @AmandaMarcotte

#ISIS raping & selling women: 0
1400 girls raped in #Rotherham: 0
Tyranny of cooking at home: 1

#Feminism— Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) September 03, 2014

Enough said.


Here is perpetual victim ‘feminist’ Amanda Marcotte jumping the insane shark for good

Twitchy coverage of Rotherham

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7 Space Simulators That Let You Explore the Universe

7 Space Simulators That Let You Explore the Universe


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The Sinister Side Of Your Favorite Fairy Tales Will Ruin Your Childhood Forever (Photos)

The Sinister Side Of Your Favorite Fairy Tales Will Ruin Your Childhood Forever (Photos)


Remember when we were young and thought our favorite pop culture characters lived charmed lives?

Artist and illustrator Ben Chen is here to ruin that illusion. Chen’s drawings, done in the style of children’s book sketches, twist fairy tales and video games into something much darker.

Using muted colors and dark lines, Chen shows us what really happens when Alice meets the White Rabbit and Cinderella takes a pumpkin carriage.

Chen just might give you a whole new outlook on storybook living once the lights go out.

The reality of Dumbo’s time in the circus.


Aliens meet Snoopy.


Alice got a little hungry while wandering.


This hunter just rid us of our cartoon rodent infestation.


Cinderella never planned for a Jack-O-Lantern carriage.


Humpty Dumpty explores his edgy side.


Bears eat fish, no exceptions.


Mario wasn’t invited to this tale.


A slight retelling of Scarecrow’s story.


Lightning McQueen gets stuck on the tracks.


Kermit should have stayed in Hollywood.


Mario battles Alien.


Hello Kitty narrowly escapes death.


Jiminy Cricket has given his last advice.


Peter Pan exacts revenge on his nemesis.


Pinocchio returns to his roots.


A hungry hawk spots a Bunny.


“Their tops are made out of rubber, their bottoms are made out of springs.”


The White Rabbit didn’t run fast enough.


This is a new flavor of sushi.


H/T: Sploid, Photos Courtesy: Ben Chen

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Gibson settles with Justice Department over exotic woods!/hubrisreport/status/232573532440240128

While the Department of Justice drags its feet on an investigation into American guns crossing the border into Mexico, the nation can rest at ease knowing that Eric Holder and crew stand vigilant over exotic woods falling into the hands of American workers. Gibson Guitars, raided by the Feds in 2009 and again last August, has agreed to a settlement involving a $300,000 fine and a $50,000 donation to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Justice Dept fines Gibson Guitars $1000 for every Mexican killed by Justice Dept

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) August 6, 2012

Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz claimed the raids were bullying by the federal government. “We are one company manufacturing in the United States that’s hiring people, that is succeeding exporting, and yet the government is spending millions of dollars on this issue,” he said last August. The bullying charge has struck a chord with Gibson supporters.

Gibson’s chief legal counsel argued that under the terms of the Lacey Act, the exotic woods would be perfectly legal to import were they finished in India by Indian workers and imported as “finished.”

Gibson guitars fined $300k for having work done in the US that should have been done overseas:

— Doug Powers (@ThePowersThatBe) August 6, 2012

Gibson Guitars hit with $300,000 fine by Obama Justice Dept. Gibson wants to use American workers, JD doesn't.

— Biker Guy (@GrodenBiker) August 6, 2012

After raiding Gibson Guitar, the Admin has shaken down them down for $350,000 under the guise of "environmentalism"

— Free Market America (@FreeMarket_US) August 6, 2012

But they didn't build that! RT @Red__Rover: Gibson Guitars hit with $300,000 fine by Justice via @examinercom

— Debbie, BS, MS, PMP (@mosesmosesmoses) August 6, 2012

They broke no law, did nothing wrong RT @Red__Rover: Gibson Guitars hit with $300,000 fine by Justice via @examinercom

— Jimmie (@jimmiebjr) August 6, 2012

The 3-year Gibson v. US Government dispute ended today. Keep your laws off my guitars!

— Independent Sky (@IndySkyMusic) August 6, 2012

@1861_again: Rt @iowahawkblog: Justice Dept fines Gibson GuitarsMT $300k” Guess that'll teach Gibson to donate to Dems

— @BeBraveUSA (@BeBRAVEUSA) August 6, 2012

Gibson Guitars hit with $300,000 fine by Justice via @examinercom Obama administration is anti business and anti job

— John Wallace (@JohnWallace30) August 6, 2012

Gibson Guitar could have avoided Obama's $300K fine by carving its "exotic hardwoods" into clubs for the New Black Panthers.

— Kevin T. Brewer (@KevinTBrewer) August 6, 2012

Gibson Guitars hit with $300,000 fine as harrassment from Democrat Admin & as a message to Republican businesses. This ain't America no more

— Margaret Khan (@wakeup1442) August 6, 2012

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People Freaking Out About The Cold In The Southwest

People Freaking Out About The Cold In The Southwest

1. Houston, Texas

8. Los Angeles, CA

15. Phoenix, Arizona

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