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Port Authority Killed Over 20,000 Animals Over The Past Two Years

Port Authority Killed Over 20,000 Animals Over The Past Two Years

The agency killed everything from the endangered northern harrier to muskrats to a parakeet over the past two years in the name of airline safety.

The Port Authority is responsible for the killing of 20,000 animals over two years, including threatened and endangered species, the New York Post reports.

The Port Authority is responsible for the killing of 20,000 animals over two years, including threatened and endangered species, the New York Post reports.

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Carlo Allegri / Reuters / Reuters

Animal rights groups, including Friends Of Animals and Goose Watch NYC, have been angered by news of the report.

According to Goose Watch NYC founder David Karopkin, “[The Port Authority] take a kill-first approach” and that there’s “no incentive to take a long-term look at this issue. Killing is a way for them to pat themselves on the shoulder and say they’re protecting people.”

The issue of wildlife management gained a higher profile after the 2009 crash landing of a US Airways flight on the Hudson River, piloted by Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, was caused by Canada geese stalling the engine.

Port Authority representative Ron Marisco said the agency kills animals that “pose immediate threats to aviation safety and do not respond to nonlethal harassment” and also claimed that 95% of wildlife control is non-lethal.

Here are some statistics on the animals the Port Authority killed in the past two years:

1. 11 ospreys (marked as “Of special concern” by the report.)

11 ospreys (marked as "Of special concern" by the report.)

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Marisco said that the agency has a permit to kill the osprey because they “posed immediate threats to aviation safety and did not respond to nonlethal harassment.”

2. 3 American kestrels (marked as “threatened” by the report.)

3 American kestrels (marked as "threatened" by the report.)

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Geoff Kuchera/Geoff Kuchera

3. 1 northern harrier (labeled as “endangered” by the report.)

1 northern harrier (labeled as "endangered" by the report.)

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4. 5,729 laughing gulls.

5,729 laughing gulls.

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5. 3,203 European starlings.

3,203 European starlings.

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6. 2,445 herring gulls.

2,445 herring gulls.

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7. 1,908 mourning doves.

1,908 mourning doves.

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Kenneth Keifer/Kenneth Keifer

8. 1,070 brown-headed cowbirds.

1,070 brown-headed cowbirds.

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9. 997 Canada geese.

997 Canada geese.

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10. 82 eastern cottontail rabbits.

82 eastern cottontail rabbits.

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11. 62 woodchucks.

62 woodchucks.

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12. 44 muskrats.

44 muskrats.

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13. 11 white-tailed deer.

11 white-tailed deer.

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14. 11 coyotes.

11 coyotes.

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15. 5 snowy owls.

5 snowy owls.

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Friends Of Animals sued the U.S. Department Of Agriculture over the Port Authorities killing of snowy owls.

16. 4 red foxes.

4 red foxes.

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17. 1 monk parakeet.

1 monk parakeet.

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Priscilla Feral, president of Friends of Animals stated: “A parakeet? The idea that parakeets would bring down an aircraft is ridiculous. This gives you an idea of how trigger-happy [the PA] are.”

18. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals representative Martin Mercereau stated:

The Port Authority is trigger happy. Killing these animals demonstrates sidestepping of humane methods and mindless reliance on lethal force. Either they’re lying or not trying hard enough. Tax dollars are just paying for an endless killing cycle. When wildlife is killed, more animals move in for available resources. Effective wildlife management is based on a simple rule: get rid of the food, make the environment unattractive, and the animals will move on. Non-lethal works and is long-term effective.

19. You can read the whole list here.

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Literally Amazing! This Incredible Dad Loved His Family So Much He Got Eye Enlargement Surgery So He Could Look At Them More

Literally Amazing! This Incredible Dad Loved His Family So Much He Got Eye Enlargement Surgery So He Could Look At Them More

Meet David Eckstrom, a husband and father from Fort Worth, TX, living with his wife and two children. David was a normal family man until last month, when he went from regular dad to Super Dad: David loved his family so much that he got eye enlargement surgery so that he could look at them more.

Eckstrom’s surgeon, Dr. Eric Barnhart, said that he was moved by his patient’s desire to see his family more, and gladly performed the procedure.

“Most dads are content to just look at their family the normal amount, but David is a special kind of father,” said Dr. Barnhart. “He loves his family so much that he was willing to undergo extremely invasive surgery to make his eyes wider and his pupils bigger, just so he could see his wife and children more. As a father myself, I aspire to be like him.”

The results were amazing, and this heroic family man said that his new eyes have been a change for the better. “My life has completely transformed since the surgery!” said Eckstrom. “Whether I’m looking at my wife when I wake up in the morning or watching my kids play, I’m seeing my family more than ever. This was definitely the right choice.”

Next time you start losing your faith in humanity, just remember that there are heroic fathers like David Eckstrom who are always trying to look at their families as much as possible. That should be enough to get you through the day.

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The 10 Sleaziest Ads Of 2012

The 10 Sleaziest Ads Of 2012

1. MegaFon

Translation: “A high-quality network is vital on your business trips…”
MegaFon is Russia’s second largest mobile phone operator.
This was one ad image from a multi-ad campaign.
See the rest of them here.

2. Quay toothpaste

One of the most badly forced uses of sex in an ad I’ve ever seen.

3. “Workaholics”

Erect(ed) in Hollywood.
If you’re unaware, Workaholics is a Comedy Central show about “three recent college grads desperately trying to adjust to adulthood.”

That’s supposed to be three stiffies.

4. CougarLife

CougarLife is a MILF dating site.
If this was in a magazine, no big deal.
But it was put up on Sunset in Hollywood.


It wouldn’t be a complete raunchy ad list without a PETA entry.
Joanna Krupa is a Real Housewives of Miami “star.”

6. “True Blood”

Billboard via New Zealand.
See a second ad from the campaign, featuring a sex doll, here.

7. Watta bottled water

Via Guatemala.
Copy translation on bottle: “pure water yet with style”
I don’t get it either.
Two more ads from the sleazy campaign here.

8. Durex

I mean, you expect condom ads to be somewhat dirty.
But, maybe not quite this dirty.
Thank France for that.
Second spot from the campaign here.

9. Toyota

The hot ass belongs to 19-year-old Ukrainian-born model Stav Strashko.
The spot ran only in Japan.

10. Scion iQ

The sleaziest car ad I’ve ever seen, which is saying something.

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Kevin Sorbo: ‘How’s that global warming thing going?’

Kevin Sorbo: ‘How’s that global warming thing going?’!/ksorbs/status/378754757977849856

We thought that global warming was an undisputed fact. After all, every single person at NASA and 97 percent of other scientists believe it’s true: #ScienceSaysSo, remember? Then again, the same people who sent out that tweet also insisted that expanded gun control measures had the full support of 92 percent of the population, and yet voters turned out in force in Colorado this week to recall the politicians who pushed those measures through.!/Anthony_Lev/status/378904570006499328

But … 97 percent “accept the science” of climate change!!/BarackObama/status/366971531420659713

Is it so hard to “accept the reality” that some climate change is good?!/jtidyman/status/378896636534980609

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