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Human Takes His Dog On Epic Adventures, Proves That Dogs Are The Best Travel Buddies

Human Takes His Dog On Epic Adventures, Proves That Dogs Are The Best Travel Buddies

This is Aspen, a Golden Retriever from Colorado who proves that not only are dogs man’s best friends, they also make the best travelling buddies.

Aspen lives in Colorado with Hunter Lawrence, his owner and personal photographer, and whether he’s kayaking, hiking, swimming in crystal clear mountain lakes or cruising around in a VW Camper, Aspen loves nothing more than getting back to nature. Except for posing for pictures that is.

Hunter and his wife adopted Aspen when he was just six-weeks old, and since then he’s traveled to eight different states. His enviable adventures have earned him a sizable following on Instagram (almost 95 thousand and counting), but he allows his owner to run his account for him so he can spend more time doing what he does best: exploring the Colorado wilderness.

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Here Are 8 Awesome Documentaries That Actually Won’t Depress You.

Here Are 8 Awesome Documentaries That Actually Won't Depress You.

As a huge fan of documentaries, I have found a recurring theme amongst all of the films I’ve watched. That theme is that they are all horrendously depressing. Most documentaries aim to tackle serious issues and with that comes a lot of weight.

Sometimes, I’d like to leave a documentary feeling good. I want to feel like something was accomplished and I can go about my day without crying. These are the best documentaries that will lift your spirits and keep your chin up.

1.) Finding Joe

This documentary aims to explain the concept of the “Hero’s Journey.” This is a journey that everyone must go through that will shape them as a person and how we identify our own journey.

2.) Being Elmo

As the creator of the Elmo Puppet on Sesame Street, Kevin Clash has gone on to have amazing success as a puppeteer and an entertainer for children. This documentary follows Kevin’s journey.

3.) Man On Wire


This thrilling documentary follows Phillippe Petit as he goes on to accomplish his daring tight rope walk between the Twin Towers. This is an awe-inspiring tale of a man who never gave up on his dream to pull off an incredible stunt.

4.) I Am

Tom Shadyac suffered a near death mountain biking accident and had an epiphany, and this documentary is that vision. It aims to answer the big questions like, why is the world the way it is and is there anything we can do anything to better it?

5.) Happy

Happy tries to find out what makes people in general happy. Many studies have been conducted about depression and anger, but this flips that all on its head when it tries to discover the meaning and cause of true happiness.

6.) The Century Of The Self

The Century Of The Self shows us how classic philosophers have influenced capitalism, politics, and governments and how we can learn from them so that we aren’t taken advantage of. It aims to educate us about the pitfalls of marketing and advertising and how to become less of a sheep.

7.) Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

Jiro Ono has one of the most successful sushi businesses in the world and this documentary shows his practices and how he became such a smash hit in the sushi world.

8.) Searching For Sugar Man

This documentary is about a failed rock star in the US but was massively successful in South America inexplicably. It follows his fans as they travel to the States to try to find him and what happened to him.

Do you have a couple of hours to kill? I hope you do. Check out these great documentaries and feel better about life. Share this post with your fellow documentary lovers and plan a happy documentary party!

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Cool Iconic Rock & Roll Photography Poster Campaign

Cool Iconic Rock & Roll Photography Poster Campaign

1. Ramones, 1976. When NYC was still NYC.

Unfortunately, this cool campaign is via the $5 billion ticket-selling monopoly, Live Nation. Their press note about the new ads:

In addition to being one of the largest promoters of live entertainment in the US, Live Nation also controls the largest archive of rock ‘n roll-related fine art photography ever assembled: Rock Paper Photo. Wanting to tap into this goldmine of iconic imagery before its captive audience of millions of music fans, we created a poster series that would appear on-screen at its venues before shows.

Ad agency: Division of Labor, Sausalito.

2. Keith. Not dead yet.

4. You youngsters will find this hard to believe, but Tyler was one of the best pure rock vocalists of the 1970s.

5. Pete Townsend, 1976. Broke guitars when it was cool to break guitars (a long time ago).

6. 1980. RIP, Big Man.

7. Red Hot Chili Peppers, 1984.

8. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass, “Poison,” “Warrant,” etc.

9. Metallica.

10. Flaming Lips.

12. Major Lazer.

13. Deadmaus

14. Jay-Z, Coachella, 2010.

15. In New York City.

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Most People Wouldn’t Care About A Little Goldfish… But Not This Family.

Most People Wouldn't Care About A Little Goldfish... But Not This Family.

When your beloved pet—your pseudo child—gets sick, you’ll do just about anything to make it better. If it’s an emergency trip to the pet hospital, or surgery that costs thousands of dollars, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your furry friend.

Usually this means saving the family dog, or even a cherished house cat. But when I saw what this couple did to save their favorite family member, I couldn’t fathom the amount of generosity and love they had for their pet.

Meet George the goldfish, who last week endured a 45 minute operation to remove a deadly tumor.

At 10 years old, with a life span of another 20 years, his owners couldn’t bear to put him down. Instead, they elected to have life-saving emergency surgery.

To sedate George, they cleverly thought to have him swim in water laced with anesthetic, which knocked him out.

Following surgery, his owners put him back into regular water, along with painkillers. He started swimming normally after only a few minutes!

George has a clean bill of health since his surgery, and his Australian owners look forward to another 20 years of happiness with him.

(via BuzzFeed)

George avoided being today’s fish fillet, and with good cause. His owners showed how love can be a universal feeling, not just for other humans. I hope you have a connection with an animal like George in your life. I know I’m hugging mine right now!

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